Pay Phone Inserts

Here’s our collection of those little paper/plastic cards you find on pay phones. They usually contain the phone company name, rate plans, advertisments and other things. I used to have a giant collection of these things, but decided to scan them all and put them on the web so I could get rid of them since they were kind of useless. I slowly gave them away to people who ordered t-shirts from the PLA Store until they were all gone.

If you have any inserts that we don’t have, maybe you should mail or email them to us! Thanks to ByteBark for a lot of these inserts, he emailed us a crapload of them.

Inserts from the top of pay phones:

Thanks to MolokoV for sending this one!

Inserts from the bottom of pay phones:

submitted by Tristan in Tucson, AZ

Other Things

This is from the Portland, Oregon PDX Airport. They had a business center where people could go in and hook up their laptops to these phones. Each phone had a sticker (with the backing still intact) and every day I would go there and steal the stickers from each phone. I ended up with a huge collection of these.

This is a thick plastic piece that sticks out of the coin slot whenever a pay phone is out of service and they don’t want you to put money in. It’s rare to see these but I was lucky enough to snag one.

Inserts We’d Like to See

You can click on this one for a full-size image that you can print out and stick on real pay phones. Thanks to our friends at Hell Atlantic for this one.

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