Eminem Parodies

You’re here for the Eminem parodies, aren’t you? Here they are:

[Guilty Deter – by Rob T. Firefly] A parody of the song Guity Conscience by Eminem, performed by Rob T. Firefly. If you like this song, then you’ll probably like Space Mutiny Records too, where Rob T. Firefly does all kinds of parodies, mashups and other audio experiments. And you can find even more on Rob T. Firefly’s homepage

[Linear – by Brad Carter (aka RBCP)] A parody of the song Stan by Eminem. The lyrics for this song (and Guilty Deter) appeared in UPL Issue #29. The song was originally performed for PLA Radio Episode #10. You can listen to PLA Radio here for more songs, skits, and parodies. And you can find Brad Carter’s homepage at www.notla.com.

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