Prank Call Radio Streaming 24/7

The World of Prank Calls streaming radio station plays today’s best prank phone calls, as well as all the classics that your grandparents loved.

Blue Planet Prank Radio is the world’s largest streaming archive of internet pranks. This station has a huge variety of prank call artists.

Madhouse Live plays mostly calls by the late and great Carlito of the Madhouse Live show, which ran from 2006 until 2019.

Prank Call Hits of the 90’s plays only the pranks that you used to listen to on cassette and trade with sketchy people on the internet.

The Jerky Stream plays lots of material by The Jerky Boys, including pranks, radio interviews, and episodes of the Jerky Boys podcast.

Phone Losers of America have been making pranks regularly for decades, and this station contains mostly episodes of The Phone Show and The Snow Plow Show.

Other Ways To Listen

There are about a billion ways to listen to a Shoutcast stream when you’re not on this website. Get on your phone’s app store and search for “shoutcast player” and you’ll find all 1 billion of them. One I’ve always used for Android is called XiiaLive, but you can use just about anything. Search for “prank calls” or “prank call” in the shoutcast/icecast app and hopefully you’ll find a few of these streams. If not, you can add them manually.

If you want to listen through a Windows program instead of a browser window, you should give VLC a try. Not only is it a compact program that can play any video or audio file, you can play our prank call stream by clicking “Open Network Stream” and pasting this URL into it.

Live Shows

Sometimes a live host will interrupt the stream with a live show. When this happens you can sometimes join a chatroom and interact with the show. Hopefully the host will tell you where the chatroom is. If you’re unsure, join all of the Discords and ask around.