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This is an archive page for the old PLA email discussion list. Back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, members of the PLA communicated through various email discussion lists. I think the last one was through Yahoo, but they deleted our account for posting peoples’ phone numbers or something like that. You can click here to see what this page originally looked like.

Brice Carlson 0wned? Since February 2001 Brice Carlson has been a list member (under countless email accounts) and has dared the list members to get his personal information. The wait appears to be over and Brice says that he’ll “do anything for you guys not to have other people calling here” in a recent IRC conversation. More details will become available as the story unfolds.

GE Calls It Quits After being an active List member for years now, everyone’s favorite top-secret spy man has suddenly disappeared. It all started after Luvox decided to 0wn several of GE’s email accounts and it looked like it wasn’t going to end there. GE announced that he was leaving the country and to protect his high-profile company WraithTech, he would be withdrawing from all WraithTech projects. So far we’ve yet to hear back from him but hopefully he’ll end up back on the list someday.

New UPL Issue Rumored To Be Out By The End Of Year UPL editor linear says that he will grace the world with another issue of UPL hopefully by December 2001 if things go well. “Yeah, I would try to keep a schedule with these issues but I’ve just been really really busy being gay. I mean really really gay.” linear said in a recent interview. linear’s mom was unavailable for comment.

Pictures of List Members

Hot Pictures of List Members!

A few years ago, list member 3rd Worm drew some pictures of various members of our list. I’d planned to put them up then but the list suddenly was taken down forever. Now it’s several years later, we’re trying to resurrect the list and here are the pictures! Maybe 3rd Worm will get all excited about this and make some more. Right?!?

National Congress of American Indians

Vixen 0wns Spygoddess!

After screwing around with hotmail’s “lost password” feature for a few days, vixen was finally able to successfully 0wn spygoddess’s account. This not only gave her access to her email (boring reading by the way), it opened the doors to 0wning much more of spygoddess’s net life. Her domain name, 2 personal websites and 2 AOL Instant Messanger accounts were also compromised on the same day.

National Congress of American Indians

RTF Missing, Search Continues

For close to a month now, list regulars have yet to hear a word from our beloved Rob T. Firefly. Some speculate that he’s been kidnapped by a rival arcade owner in the Long Island area. Well, that’s not true. I just couldn’t think of anything better to write here. God I’m dumb.


The list has been around for a long long time now. It started in early 1998 on and eventually moved to on Nov 24, 1998. has merged about a half-million times now and it now called Yahoo Groups. We have close to 400 members on the list and probably less than 30 of them are active posters but there’s still some pretty entertaining conversations from time to time.

When you sign up for the list you can choose to either view the messages on Yahoo Group’s website or have the messages emailed to you where you can also reply to them. Topics of discussion range from beige boxing stories and Spessa’s ass to Tom Wopat bashing and the safest way to whistle red box tones. So really there is never any set topic, you just talk about whatever you feel like. If you ask a question on the list you may get lots of help or you may get a few hundred smart-ass remarks.


PLA 0wns Are you disappointed in the h/p scene where you live? Well quit whining about it and do something! For over 3 years now we’ve given you the opportunity to meet other local h/p’ers by setting up PLA State Sites. “But it’s pointless because nobody around here is into h/p except for me!” Yeah right, there a guy less than a mile away from you probably thinking the same thing. Try it out, set up a state site today! Today there are over a hundred of them, many in small communities.

And people have been suggesting that we start PLA Meetings for years now but I always thought it would be pointless since we already have the 2600 meetings. But a few hundred emails later I’m finally convinced – the people who live in the boonies and can’t make it to 2600 need a place to get together each month. If you’d like to start your own local PLA Meeting, visit our meetings page and we’ll get you added to the list. Right now there is no set time and the only requirment is that you don’t make it on the same day as the 2600 meetings.


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Brice Carlson, working as a cat5 installer for Wal-Mart GoldenEye, Secret Agent Man
Spessa the Librarian, organizing her library. Spyg0ddess.
Luvox Phreak (WARNING: HOT LESBIAN NUDITY) PyroSwap, aka Pirate Soap
A clueless list user, trying to figure out how to unsubscribe. .

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