Index Archive – A look back at

Throughout the life of, this site has gone through many changes in design. I’ve kept most of the designs archived as separate files in case I ever wanted to revert back to those designs or maybe steal code from them for new designs. Another good source for PLA site archives is You’ll notice in some of these screen captures that things appear screwed up. This is because the underlying code for the web page had been erased years before these were taken, or images had been changed for new page designs.

1999 - RBCP sets up a fake hacked page. November 2002 - Yellow ducks invade our site. February 2001 July 31st, 2003index archive index archive February 2000 index archive December 1997 date unknownearly-to-mid 2004December 2005October 20042003 with lots of Cal's stuff on itJuly 2004

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