What could make reading issues of PLA while listening to your prank calls tapes more enjoyable than wearing an official PLA hat while doing all that? Yes that’s right, PLA caps are good, they build strong bones and
self-esteem. People will phear you in the supermarket. Just look at what these satisfied customers had to say about their PLA caps:

Hello, I’m John and ever since I was given a PLA Cap for my birthday, I’ve enjoyed a life of fun, excitement and more women than one man should be allowed to handle. Shouldn’t you buy one too?

“People used to pick on me and throw me in the garbage can and call me keyboard teeth. Now with my new PLA cap, I’m the most popular kid in school and the principal sucks my big penis every day.” -Stewart Winslow

“Years ago I quit wearing my PLA cap and almost immediately my life went to ruins. I lost my wife, my god-fearing empire and I ended up in prison.” -Jim Bakker, PTL Club

“I was able to screw 4 underaged boys in less than a week, solely because they thought I had a neat hat!” -Netta Gibola

“After ditching my old McDonald’s cap for a PLA cap I was immediately promoted to ASSISTANT MANAGER of the local McDonald’s and I won three napkin stacking awards!! Life doesn’t get any better than this.” -Johhny Soldier

“I used to think that t-shirts were all I had in life but after buying a PLA cap I had a vision – a vision of LOD-MOD War Caps!!!! Get them while their hot!! My email address is pepman74@hotmail.com. Order one today!” -Erik Bloodaxe

“I asked RBCP to jizm all over my cap before he shipped it and he did and now all the girls want to touch my head. It’s like winning the lottery!” -William Gates

Can you top these success stories? No, of course you can’t because
you DON’T OWN A PLA CAP!! Don’t you see what I’m getting at? Fame
and fortune is only a money order away! Send me your cash and I
guarantee that you’ll get to go to heaven. This is a promise.
Anyone who buys a PLA cap and winds up in hell when they die is
entitled to a complete & full refund. No questions asked. That’s
how sure I am that you’ll be completely satisfied with our caps.

You can order a cap by sending as much money as you can possibly
fit into an evelope to our address on this page. You will not receive your cap unless you manage to send at least
$16 in this envelope which DOES include shipping & handling. Our
caps are a guaranteed babe-magnet, made out of all
cotton/twil/whateverthehellyoucallit. Caps are black with a white
PLA logo.

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