Tannest Tannest Welcome to the psychotic world of Samantha Dahl, also known by the PLA as Tannest. Back in 1997 Tannest was the ringleader in the Boulder News Forum craziness and sometime during all that nonsense, she became hated by most everyone associated with the PLA. For years she tried in vain to bring down the PLA site. WARNING: You get to see BOOBS on this page! Proceed with caution. You are warned.
Celebrities With Phones Long ago, our good friend Rob T. Firefly started this Celebrities with Phones archive on his own web site. Now he’s given it to us. View hundreds of pictures of your favorite celebrities. Holding phones. Celebrities With Phones
cordless phones Fun With Cordless Phones Ever think of all the great fun you could have with a regular police scanner and a list of cordless phone frequencies? Read some transcripts of us screwing with cordless phone users or listen to a few sound clips.
Dark Fluffy Phreaking Bunnies Dark Fluffy Phreaking Bunnies is a hardcore phreaking zine. Well okay, actually it’s just an archive of interesting or funny things from RBCP’s hard drive that he dumps into a text file every once in awhile. And sometimes there are some articles mixed into it all. Dark Fluffy Phreaking Bunnies
private investigator resources Private Investigator Resources This page organizes a few of the best online search directories onto one page. If you’re looking for someone, or just want to find out who that number that keeps popping up on your caller ID box belongs to, this is a good starting point.
something PLA Trading Cards Forgot Pokemon, Digimon and Yugioh cards. Impress your friends with official PLA trading cards! We’re still working on this section. You’ll be able to find many more PLA characters one of these decades when this section gets updated.
Homemade Phreaking Projects This page is for people who make their own phreaking tools or projects to show off their work. The project can either be something useful or something completely pointless. something
something Payphone Inserts You know those little plastic phone company logo cards that are stuck on pay phones? We’ve been stealing them for 15 years now just to bring you this page.
Comics For Phreaks Here’s a small collection of hacker and phreak-related comic strips and cartoons. something
something Email From Idiots Here’s some of the horrible emails the PLA has received over the years.
PLA Flash Games & Puzzles Test your flash game-playing skills with our PLA-themed puzzles and games. something
something Dumpster Diving Learn all about the art of leaping into dumpsters in hopes of finding great stuff.
Boulder News Frenzy An archive of our old obsession of harassing the people who find a dead little girl fascinating. something
something Big Phone Bills Think you’ve run up some pretty outrageous phone bills before? You haven’t seen nothing yet…
FruitWare Archives An archive of the old PLA discussion boards. something
something Important Links Once your done with this site, take a look at some of our other favorite sites.
Signs Here’s some pictures of unauthorized PLA signage in public places. something
something Telephone News Stories Funny and interesting telephone-related news stories.
Answering Machine Messages Our huge archive of funny answering machine messages. Browse through the list or add your own. something
something Fun With Your Scanner A horribly outdated page of fun things you can do with your police scanner. There might be a few good ideas in there for you, though.
Contests Entries from old PLA contests. something
something Red Boxing for Dummies If you need any kind of information on red boxing then this is probably the place to find it. Learn what a red box is, how to make one and how to use it.
Phone Companies Learn how various telephone companies work from the inside. something
something Instant Messenger Icons Here’s a few PLA-themed icons for AOL’s instant messenger.
True Phone Stories User submitted stories about phones, phreaking, the PLA and more. something
something Hacker Movies A few hacker movies that you must see.
Archive of Updates Here’s all the updates you’ve missed by not visiting our site every single day. something

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