PLA Contests – Design a PLA Cartoon


Judgement Day Here’s a picture of Jim Bayless that RBCP’s friend drew before PLA even existed.


During the past decade, the PLA have introduced you to all kinds of fun characters. People like Dino Allsman, Chris Tomkinson, Mildred Money, Big Larry,Curtis Lee Jones, Jim Bayless, OCI Operators, Bell operators, Andy Babin, 7-Eleven employees, Sommy, I could go on and on for pages.

Here’s your challenge – pick any section of our website as a theme and draw a cartoon for it. It can be any character from any section of the site, it can be based off of any story or incident that you can find on the site, any prank phone call or video we’ve done, it can be absolutely anything as long as it’s some way related to something on this web site. In fact, you could just draw something that’s related in some way to phreaking and it’ll end up being accepted. We’re not too picky. You can email your submission to RBCP Or you can can submit it directly to Cal’s forums.

Best of all, even if you don’t win your entry stands a good chance of becoming a permanent part of this web site. We’ll most likely use the pictures created from the entries to enhance parts of this site.

  • FIRST PRIZE: A PLA t-shirt, a PLA Media CD, a few assorted PLA stickers!
  • SECOND PRIZE: A PLA Media CD, a few assorted stickers!
  • THIRD PRIZE: A bottle cap for a FREE 20oz Mountain Dew or Pepsi!

More prizes might be added to each place. If you want to send us something to add to the prize packages, feel free to email us. This contest started on June 10th, 2002 and ended on August 31st, 2002. Entries were judged by the users of Cal’s forums.

Contest Entries

  • Entry #1 Dino Allsman gets into it with a relay operator. By DJ.
  • Entry #2 An entry that has absolutely nothing to do with PLA but I’m being retarded and accepting it anyway. by Sabrebutt
  • Entry #3 RBCP losing his red boxing privledges – by Idontlikerabbits
  • Entry #4 Beige Boxing porn – by tokachu
  • Entry #5 Mike & PHIL – PHIL gets a new beige box. By Sabrebutt
  • Entry #6 Imbreeded Curtis Lee Jones stands outside The Libarry. by Almsgiver.
  • Entry #7 RBCP, gerbils and jailtime. by breaknick
  • Entry #8 What kind of gerbil do you have? by breaknick
  • Entry #9 I took the idea from the tech support call “cactus won’t help me”. by aftershocks
  • Entry #10We love the phone a little too much. by Kris Toy
  • Entry #11What’s up her ass? by Kris Toy
  • Entry #12RING RING. by Kris Toy
  • Entry #13Speak into the phone. by Kris Toy
  • Entry #14Math is a vital skill. by Kris Toy
  • Entry #154 out of 5 doctors… by Kris Toy
  • Entry #16Not your daddy’s PLA. by Kris Toy
  • Entry #17HO HO HELLO? by Kris Toy
  • Entry #18I have decided to illustrate a famous section of You guessed it, last year’s contest! by The Chosen Peanut
  • Entry #19Bart pranking the Queen by Beavis 2004
  • Entry #20Man, I’m Surrounded! by aftershocks
  • Entry #21Telco Ninja Prank Call by Killa2Killa
  • Entry #22Curtis Lee Jones and his central computer phone system by cyko
  • Entry #23 A Curtis theme by JC.
  • Entry #24 The Adventures of RBCP Wanting a Cheeseburger – This picture is regarding the McDonald’s drive-thru incident – by Johnny Monoxide.
  • Entry #25 Young RBCP prepares to hack the last WWIV BBS in existence, by Rob T Firefly.
  • Entry #26 A Big Larry theme by pHr33kAcHu.
  • Entry #27 Phreaking with your Penis – by 12 year old Johnny T. O’Connor IV.
  • Entry #28 Curtis Lee Jones tracing a phone call from Roy. by 3rdworm
  • Entry #29 James Heggie getting mad at all the phone calls he’s getting (from PLA036) by 3rdworm.
  • Entry #30 James Heggie jumping up and down on his desk in a fit of rage (from PLA036) by 3rdworm.

And The Winner Is…

  • First Place: Entry 25 by Rob T. Firefly. Young RBCP prepares to hack the last WWIV BBS in existence.

  • Second Place: Entry 9 by aftershocks. Cactus won’t help me!

  • Third Place: Entry 5 by Sabrebutt. Mike & PHIL – PHIL gets a new beige box.

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  • June 20, 2007 at 11:39 pm

    its a colourful tree with a stump to holf up the leaves on the branches. And that is a tree. I think it is a tree.

  • February 8, 2019 at 1:45 pm

    Breaknick! 3rdworm! Rob To Firefly! Where are you guys?!

  • February 8, 2019 at 1:46 pm

    Breaknick! 3rdworm (Anton)! Rob T Firefly! Where are you guys?!

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