Comics and Cartoons for Phreaks

Here’s a few comic strips that you might enjoy if you’re into hacking, phreaking or phone pranking. Visit the sites in each section for even more h/p related strips. Enjoy!

PLA Comics by Bookapo

Here’s a comic that was submitted by Bookapoo in 2011. It’s based on our recent hobby of calling 7-Eleven stores and convincing them to do ridiculous things.

Bloome County

Bloome County is usually some normal, political cartoon that you see in the paper and you don’t laugh very much at. But back in the 80’s, Bloome County did a series of hacker-themed comics that were brilliant. Click here to view them all.

Mr. Phone Phreak Smiley Face Man

This comic series is brought to you by Cuebiz at Telco Inside. You can read more issues of it by clicking here.


The boxers comic strip is one of the more unusual phreak comics. It features a bunch of barnyard animals who are into phreaking. While not always related to phreaking, it’s still a pretty funny strip. It’s created by the guys at, just go there and click on COMICS.

Family Circus

RBCP took a few old Family Circus comic strips and attempted to make them funny. Click on the picture below to view all of the Family Circus comics.

Thirsty – by Altalp

Altalp made this comic on March 10th, 2007. Click on it for the full sized version.

Kid Telco – A Productive Day

This is RBCP’s attempt at a comic strip.

Some 2600 Comic

I’m not sure who did this comic, but I found it posted on

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