I’ve had megs of text captures sitting on my hard drives for more than 10 years now. I used to have this bad habit of capturing anything that I found funny and/or interesting. So here are some of the things I’ve recently found which sort of relate to PLA.

ROYSPLAC.TXT Zak’s old BBS, called Roy’s Place. You gotta love a BBS with subs like Phone Losers of America Taco Stand, Greg Carson Fucks His Rotweiler, Go Away PLA!, Chris Tomkinsons Fruit Stand, and I GOT A BIG FUCKIN SNAKE MAN!
ROYPLACE.TXT How Roy’s Place BBS validates people.
ADPLA.TXT RBCP pimps Whomat Communications, the first PLA BBS, probably on some other BBS in Corpus Christi, Texas.
HAMSTERH.TXT RBCP logs onto Martini’s board, called Hamster Haven. Chats with Martini, then fills the files area with PLA issues. There’s a few posts on there about The Hit Man/Greg Carson, from PLA issue 34 too.
PAPER.TXT Here’s the ad I wrote out for the newspaper in Normal, IL. This ad caused Chris Tomkinson’s phone to ring for a few days with people asking for me.
REVOLUTN.TXT A thread about the Chatterbox BBS going down because of PLA harassment. From PLA Issue #34, I think.
JTR.TXT A user on Whombat Communications suffered all kinds of harassment from RBCP and the other sysops. Our favorite was to change his screen and text colors, usually to something like flashing pink backgrounds on flashing pink text. Here’s his comment about it all.
NOTSURE.TXT I THINK this might have been Apok0lyp’s BBS for the PLA but I’m not sure. Maybe it was Zak’s Roy’s Place. But he only ran WWIV and this doesn’t look like WWIV. Anyway, check out the opening page that encourages users to harass Deter and then the advertisement for Whombat Communications, “The best damn Texas BBS in Illinois!” I’d set up call forwarding on a business phone line in Illinois so that all the 618 area users could call my BBS free of charge.
ROYICUS.TXT Apok0lyps quotes from the book of r0y…

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