Books You Should Own

There are a lot of amazing books out there about hacking and phreaking. This page will hopefully introduce you to a few of the ones that don’t suck. This page is obviously not quite finished yet, but someday it will be. If you have a suggestion for an amazing hacker book, please recommend it in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


Cyberpunk is one of the first hacker books I ever read, way back in the year it was published – 1991. The book is split into three sections about three different hackers. There’s a boring story about a hacker named Pengo, a slightly more interesting story about Robert Tappan Morris, and then the most amazing hacker adventure ever told, about Kevin Mitnick.

The Kevin section of this book is about 120 pages long and centers around the 1980’s adventures of Kevin Mitnick and his various hacker/phreak acquaintances such as Roscoe, Susan Thunder and Lenny DiCicco.

Cyberpunk has gotten a lot of flak in the computer underground for being so unfair to Kevin Mitnick, but I’ve read the Kevin section of this book at least a dozen times and I just don’t see the problem with it. It seems like all of the various adventures check out when you cross reference them with other books and articles. To be honest, though, I really just don’t care



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