Boulder News Frenzy

Back in 1997 the Boulder News Forum opened a discussion room dedicated to the murder of JonBenet Ramsey, which had just happened the year before. For reasons unknown to anyone on Earth, PLA began trolling this discussion board by posting crazy theories on the murder, such as it actually being a suicide and that there were stacks of red boxes found behind the walls of the Ramsey home.

It started with Tannest and Logic Box, but soon grew to include a pretty large portion of the PLA community, working together to torment the regular users of the Boulder News Forums. The forums software wasn’t very sophisticated and it allowed us to easily impersonate the regular members there. We fed them fake news, case information and helped them try to figure out who we were and why we were disrupting their forums. One thing lead to another and by the time we knew it, we had been doing it for two years.

Below are the archives of PLA activity at the Boulder News Forum. Each one is very extensive and boring as hell to read, but if it’s raining outside and you have absolutely nothing better to do then you may find them mildly entertaining. If nothing else, they’re a nice piece of PLA history. Enjoy!


Archive One “I love how you people have turned the craziest media hype of a childs death into a PLA discussion. It just goes to show that even an exploited child’s demise is not safe from the jurisdiction of the PLA. If Jon-Benet were around right now, she’d have her application in to join. I have a mental picture of her up in heaven (although I’m an atheist)Red Boxing on all of Gods pay phones. As for the rest of you sick bastards–pay close attention to your phone bills….”
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Archive Two “RBCP is going down, no matter what. He could appologize to everyone personally, and start being a great guy, but that doesn’t change the laws he broke, the good people he terrorized, and innocent people he continues to attack with his forumterror page. I don’t want any more trouble here, but I can’t be silent when they post garbage under my handle. Please continue to complain to and, until they stop this crap here, and on IRC.”
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Archive Three “PLA PLA PLA – don’t you just tire of those letters? I’m helping to put them all behind bars, don’t worry about a thing!”
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Archive Four “These people thrive on misdirection. Be very careful about clicking on anything on their web page, or about believing any information on the Ramsey forum that purports to identify who the hackers really are. They’ll be happy to send you in the wrong direction.”
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Archive Five “I used to lurk here a couple of months ago. I have been offline for a while and just returned. What the hell is happening here? This has been going on for a while, I presume? Who is PLA? Are they responsible? Who is queer? The PLA? Somebody has to tell me, this is too good to miss!!Is the PLA one of those “it’s ok to have sex with kids” groups? Why would kids want to trash this forum? Someone please send me a clue!”
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Archive Six “And in the beginning there was the forum, and it was good. People spoke, one with the other, and many kind and polite posts were exchanged, and it was good. And then a flamer rose up from the bowels of the forum, and caused many of the people to frown, and post among themselves about what to do. And lo, as the people discussed the problem, the flamer begat other flamers, and those flamers begat other flamers, and there was much flaming throughout the forum land.”
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Archive Seven “I am convinced the PLA and their band of techno-anarchists created the Ramsey murder as hoax. Their guilty of the whole crop circle thing and will do nasty things to your dog if allowed. They read your mail and call you in the middle of the night and call you Roy. the PLA have no god except the telephone, and thanks to the voices of Satan palying in thier heads they killed poor little Jon Benet. God Rest Her Poor Little Soul and GODDAMN THE MOTHAFUCKIN PLA!”
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Archive Eight “I’ll give you guys a clue – the only way BNF could possibly block out posts coming from us would be to block out ANYBODY from posting. It’s that simple. Do you realize we’re not even using BNF’s CGI anymore? Nope, I’ve copied their CGI and installed it on my own computer with a freeware web server and I’ve removed the one-post-per-hour restriction. They can’t block this unless they block you all. I do feel that I’ve accomplished a mission, though. Nobody is talking about dead mollested girls anymore. All you sickos care about now is this PLA. heh heh heh.”
Click here to read Archive #8
Archive Nine Hello. My name is Josiah Corrigan, but you know me as Psykopath. I have been paid by the Ramseys to trash this forum because they know that if you all worked together unhindered you could catch on to them. I was not hired directly, but instead was recruited, along with RBCP, Logic Box, and Tannest of the PLA, and an OCI operator named Stacy by a mysterious person known only as Bert, who lives in California.
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Archive Ten “What I can’t understand, is why these people (PLA) are even interested in this forum. How can messing the threads up for a group that want to discuss the JonBenet case, be so much fun, that they are after it day and night? I can see kids getting an occasional kick out of disrupting any forum_but to be after it so agressively, doesn’t make much sense. Unless, there is a strong desire to have this forum closed down. I wonder what is behind months of this kind of behavior? I know this may sound hokie, but could someone connected with the Ramseys be behind this?”
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Archive Eleven “It is apparent that this thread is populated by mentally-ill people. Is this your idea of fun? It’s not funny in the least. Of course, it is well documented that psychotic individuals think that their writings are a world of fun. Please try to find competent psychiatric care. It isn’t too late for you. Yet.”
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Archive Twelve “We’ve taken a vote and decided to leave this forum completely alone on one condition: Each of you must apologize in THIS thread using your real alias and the apology must be sincere. The apology of course, is for threatening to ruin the lives of Tannest, Logic and RBCP and then not doing it. Also 31373 must state that she indeed does like to suck balls. Thank you for you time.”

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Today the BNF community still exists even though the BNF itself does not. Here are a few links you might enjoy…

  • A Candy Rose – A Personal View Of The Internet Subculture, The Virtual World Way Beyond the Picket Fence. This is a really good site and has a few references to the “hacker attacks”, archives and stories from the people of BNF.




  • Jameson’s Websleuths Board – One of the original BNFers, still obsessed with Jonbenet. These people pretend that they’re helping solve crimes, but really they’re just bored and have little purpose in life other than to talk about missing/dead white girls.



  • Tannest – Here’s our tribute to the woman who started the BNF fun, Tannest.



  • Richard Cardo – Many years after the events of BNF, a man named Richard Cardo would attempt to pin the kidnapping of JonBenet on the webmaster of with a hilarious series of YouTube videos. This is our tribute page to him.


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