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read PLA issues Read PLA Issues Read the original PLA texts that started it all in our text file archive. Brush up your on your BBS hacking and red boxing skills. You too can learn all kinds of outdated tricks from the mid-90’s.
PLA TV For six decades now, PLA TV has brought you quality family programming. We’ve set up an archive section of our best programming to thank you, the viewer. You can watch old episodes of the classic 70’s hacker/phreak television show, Elephant & Bird. Laugh at the hilariousness of hidden camera shows hosted by RBCP and EvilCal! Remember the short-lived variety show called Prank Calls with RedBoxChiliPepper? Yep, that’s in there too, all free for downloading! PLA TV
something History of the PLA Learn a little about our history. Find out how the PLA was started, how it developed and get a little insight behind a few of the PLA issues.
Photo Album All of the original “PLA GIFS” can be viewed on this page, along with other PLA-related photos. something
something Cast & Crew Meet the people behind the scenes at PLA
Screw The PLA Every once in awhile someone makes it their life’s mission to bring down the PLA and all associated with it. Here are a few of these peoples’ stories. something
something PLA Yesterday See how our website has evolved over the years by looking at this archive.
Awards We’ve Won Here’s a few old web-based awards featuring the PLA, along with some other random mentions. something
something PLA in the News We set up this section so we can brag about how cool we are. Whenever a publication or broadcast says something particularly funny or flattering about us, we archive it here.
Sign the Guestbook Take a minute to let us know that you were here. something
PLA Store PLA Store Order a PLA t-shirt, stickers, buttons, pens, CDs and whatever else we’ll sell you. We will do anything to make a quick buck at your expense!
Search our Site If you can’t find something on our site, use our search tool to find it. something
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