PRANK TAPES – The Jerky Tapes

Have you ever listened to the original Jerky Boys bootleg recordings on a shitty tape that was made from about a dozen copies and then sat around in a closet for 2 decades? Well, you’re about to in this really difficult to listen to recording.┬áThis is the original tape from the late-80’s or early 90’s which later became an album know as The Jerky Boys. The original tape contains unedited calls of horrible sound quality, the personal information of the people called, threats to bomb restaurants, and a third Jerky Boy who is strangely omitted from The Jerky Boys wikipedia page.

I made this episode on August 4th, 2018 and uploaded it to PLA’s Patreon. I meant to make it available on soon after that, but completely forgot to do that. Whoops. Thanks for the amazing show art, Nik Caesar at!

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