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Hey everyone. Brad here. I have a problem. After years of careful testing, I have used the scientific method to determine that I’m fucking horrible at being a web admin and that I’m even worse at customer service. You may disagree, but you’d be wrong because I have science on my side. Therefore, this website membership thing just has to go. I’m very sorry, but this thing eats up waaaaaaayyyyyy too much of my time. Your best option right now is PLA’s Patreon page, but I will find something to replace this membership site with very soon.

Back in 2014 (I think) I set up this membership website plugin and it’s been a nightmare ever since. I started with a WordPress plugin called s2member. The interface looked like it was directly from 1994, but it mostly worked, as long as I had unlimited time to work on the upkeep. I think it was last year that I switched over to MemberPress. That fixed a few issues but introduced a lot of new problems, such as us not having a podcast feed for the past year.

So I dunno, everything on this site is broken. Apparently there’s even malware somewhere that I can’t find. I can’t keep up with all of this. My email is perpetually overflowing with website membership problems, refund requests, and asking when I’ll set up that damn podcast feed. Until I absolutely have to, I’m going to stop running the membership site and use 3rd-party services that actually work. Perhaps Apple or Spotify. Or Onlyfans. Just anything that actually works and isn’t the worst user experience on Earth.

So here’s the deal. A couple months ago, I paid Memberpress for another full year of service. That means I have about 10 months left. Maybe I’ll keep posting the Hobosodes on this site for that entire 10 months. Or maybe I’ll only last the rest of this year. Whatever I do, I will make sure that you’re all unsubscribed here and you’ve all hopefully moved to another service. Until then your memberships should work as they normally do (i.e. not very good).

If you need a refund for your membership here, please email me at (or any other address of mine) and ask. If you ended up paying double during a month because you realized how bad it was here and immediately moved to Patreon, you definitely should get that month back. If you signed up thinking there would be a podcast feed, that’s a refund for you. Don’t be afraid to ask for an entire year of subscription back if you feel you didn’t get what you wanted here. I’ve already issued a few refunds and plan to issue plenty more.

I HAVE ALSO SUCKED AT ACKNOWLEDGING THE SPONSOR SUBSCRIBERS HERE. And for that I’m very sorry. As soon as I’m done with this post, I’m going to go through all the transactions and write them down on my sponsor notes page so that they can sponsor future shows. I didn’t realize until today how badly I was not doing that. I’ll do better on the next platform. But if you signed up as a show sponsor or for the YouTube credits and never got them, you will see/hear that stuff happening very soon.

In conclusion, this site sucks and you should use Patreon instead if you want to support my shows. I really appreciate all of you sticking around while I tried to make things go around here. Hopefully disbanding this site will allow me to focus more on shows than I currently do. But not today. Today I have to go work on sponsor lists and emails and maybe setting up Spotify to see if that’s any better. Thanks, all of you, for sticking around through this terrible website experience.


Brad Carter

I run this town.

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