Hang Up The Phone 21 – Ten Year Anniversary

Here’s another Dial-A-Pay-Phone show, brought to you by Casper, who generously donated a mixer to the pay phone show and is fully responsible for the spotty audio that you’ll hear throughout the show. In tonight’s show we get calls from psycho, Nickyd, Battle Boner, Jack Helliquinn, Buster Casey, Greenimp, maybe Justin, Devon, Christian, Mr. Biggs, King Richard, Olga, and probably a few others. Christian makes me realize that this coming Saturday marks ten full years of doing call-in shows. Opening song by MC Lars, mid-show song is Ants by Dr. Octagon, background music is by microKORGI, end song is Bad Influence by Throwing Toasters.

This show was broadcast on video which you can watch right here.

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