Whoops, I’m dum

If your PLA podcast feed or email alerts went crazy today, sooorrrrrry about that. I was setting up feed syndication for Brad’s Cactus Shack and I told it not to syndicate YEARS worth of stuff but it disobeyed me. There’s not really 25 new shows out today.  I did the same thing when I set up the snowplowshow.com feed and it dumped 100 new shows on you guys.  I don’t know how to computer.

I’m not sure what my exact plan is with all the feeds and all the syndication, but it’s something like this…  If you want to listen to The Snow Plow Show, you should go to snowplowshow.com and add that feed to your podcast player.  If you want to listen to Mr. Dobalina’s Wonderful World of Prank Calls, you should go to worldofprankcalls.com and add that feed.  If you want to listen to Brad’s Cactus Shack, that one is at notla.com.  But they all come back here for some reason.  I’m not sure why.  Wait, World of Prank Calls doesn’t yet, but it probably will eventually.  And then you’ll get 15 new posts.  Sorry in advance for that.

The reason I split The Snow Plow Show from this site is because the podcast feed titles were confusing.  I ended up naming this site to The Snow Plow Show and that’s just weird.  This is the Phone Losers of America, dammit.  So I set up a whole new site at snowplowshow.com and now things make more sense in iTunes and other podcast readers, but you still get the shows here if you’re subscribed to the Phone Losers of America podcast feed on this site.

I had this same existential crisis back in The Phone Show days, when I had a hard time figuring out if I should keep the Cacti Radio feed separate from phonelosers.org.  PLA has a long history and needs its own home, though, and this is it.  I’m probably going to turn the main page of this site into something else when I have some free time, while keeping the shows coming in on the feed, and maybe displaying new shows in the sidebar or somewhere else less intrusive.  That seems like the best way to do whatever the hell it is I’m trying to do here.


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