Hobosode 1 – Welcome to 911

What is this weird, short thing showing up on your feed? Why I’m glad you asked. Today Kuraz brings you a brand new thing known as Hobosodes. Every hobosode will be less than 15 minutes long and will only contain a few short things, such as a prank call or 2 and maybe a voicemail if we have time. The hobosodes will only show up on the private podcast feed, so you better go to phonelosers.org/cactus and set that up. The purpose of hobosodes is to give more content to the supporters of the show and, ironically, less to the hobos that don’t support the show. If all goes well, you should get at least 1 hobosode per week in addition to the 2 regular shows I do, but I’m a known liar so don’t believe any of that. The music in today’s hobosode is King of the Road by Roger Miller, They Won’t Get Me, also by Roger, and the background music was that weird monkey song by Gorillaz.

If you like Hobosodes and think you would enjoy hearing 10 times as many of them, considering becoming a supporter of the show by signing up for a membership on on our website. $5.00 per month gets you at least one extra show per week, and some of them are even good.

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One thought on “Hobosode 1 – Welcome to 911

  • March 4, 2019 at 4:27 pm

    Is there a spot where I can pick any hobosode instead of scrolling from the last one to the beginning?

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