Rob T Firefly doing one of those wacky Kickstarter things

You know who Rob T Firefly is, right? He’s the long time BFF of the PLA who’s done lots of amazing things for us. Things like recording the songs Bell Odyssey and Guilty Deter for us. And writing the foreword and illustrating the PLA book. And doing wacky DJ drops for PLA Radio. And writing things for the PLA ‘zine back in the 1990’s. And just generally being an awesome guy who makes a lot of people happy.

Rob is trying to get some funding for a book about Doctor Who facts, which doesn’t actually contain any facts at all. Instead it’s fill with hilarious lies and deception about Doctor Who, and us weirdos here at PLA love anything that helps spread misinformation and confuses people.

Rob currently has a Twitter, a Tumblr and a website dedicated to his Doctor Who facts. So if you’re into this new Doctor Who thing that all the kids are watching these days, you should think about supporting his book project. And if you’re not into Doctor Who, you should support Rob anyway, just for always doing weird random things for the PLA. And because I order you to.

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