Snow Plow Show – May 31st, 2014 – Deadbeats

Thanks, CactusThis, for emailing me this image 600 times, you damn spammer.

This show is sponsored by Jiad, the host of The Art of Phone Larking. The opening music is called Pumpin’ & Blownin’ from the cinematic masterpiece known as The Pirate Movie and it’s dedicated to Jiad because he blows.  In today’s morning show we’re going to call some photo developing customers.

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  • Please support Rob T Firefly’s Doctor Who project!  He’s up to $705 now, but has a long way to go and only 23 days to get there.
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  • I didn’t drop any additional calls into the podcast like I said I would.  So if you listened live today, you heard it all.  I’ll call the rest of the people some other time.
  • Don’t Worry Be Happy by Bobby McFerren

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