Snow Plow Show – May 17th, 2014 – You’re Fired

Wedge’s Cactus, wearing a Cactus made by Alexis Esteb

Here’s a Saturday morning show, sponsored by Devan Gladden.  Not Palindrome.  Something I should have mentioned on the show is that last night I co-hosted with Jiad on The Art of Phone Larking show.  Click here to listen to all 4 hours of that.

  • Fuck You by Lily Allen
  • For you stupid listeners – the missing children pranks idea is obviously a joke.  I’m not really doing that, I swear.  And you shouldn’t either, you heartless bastard.
  • Add yourself to the new Mixlr – – to hear old PLA crap 24/7!
  • Rappy McRapperson’s YouTube is back!  Here’s the 64 Bars song I played.
  • 64 Bars by Rappy McRapperson
  • is really cool.  Thanks for showing it to me, Palindrome.
  • Happy Birthday, Ace!  Go visit PLA News and wish Ace a happy birthday.
  • Help PLA by making some station IDs for the 24/7 Shoutcast/Mixlr station.  A legitimate station ID would be something like, “You’re listening to Phone Losers of America radio, streaming the soothing sounds of the PLA, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!  Visit us on the interwebs at  Add us on Facebook at,  on Twitter at and on YouTube at  And support our noble efforts at  Thanks for listening to PLA.”  If you do exactly that quote, that would be great, but do whatever you want to do.  Be wacky, do stupid voices, add music or sound effects if you want, say untrue things about PLA, insult my manhood, etc.  Try to avoid using the words “Shoutcast” or “Mixlr” if possible, so that I can continue using your voice far into the future after we’ve forgotten what Shoutcast and Mixlr are.  I will most likely use your voice in between playing shows on the PLA stream and it will play a different random drop each time.  You can email your voice to me at or leave it as a voicemail at 814-422-5309 and if anything really hilarious gets made, I’ll play it on a future show.  Thanks!
  • I’m the #2 comment on Vi Hart’s Net Neutrality video.  I lied in the show, saying I was the #1 comment.
  • I really was speaking of Billman before – I deleted a big chunk of the show there.
  •  Here is the first of many of mine and Liz’s church pranks.

Brad Carter

I run this town.

2 thoughts on “Snow Plow Show – May 17th, 2014 – You’re Fired

  • December 1, 2014 at 12:37 am

    Hi Brady Bunch, pretty certain you could use this for your hacking n shit – small portable program called Tiny Task – less than a Mb, heres the link :
    allows you to record mice n keyboard macros & then play them at normal or fast forward speed, you can also save them, would be also good for when you begin the show you don’t have to spend alot of time opening programs, just let a save macro play n open up all yours programs n load shit wateva while you take a shit, by the time you wipe & sit back at the PC everything will be ready, sooo awesome, you’d be a big dummy not to use it. oh and great show! cacti cacti!

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