I Phreak Alone by Bonecage

Take a listen to this song about phone phreaking in the 1990’s. It’s performed by Bonecage, written by RBCP, and the video footage was recorded by a dozen or so people who submitted footage, including Devan Gladden, Adam Herron, Kuraz, Christopher Miller, David Kilgo, Evie, Adam Wolf, Wedge, Godot, Jarellis Jay, Avery Thomas, RedBoxChiliPepper, Johnicek, Lucian, Will, Jonathan Harchick, and Jack Rosenthal. Hopefully I didn’t forget anyone. Please let me know if I did.

You can buy the mp3 for I Phreak Alone at thebonecage.bandcamp.com/track/i-phreak-alone

Bonecage is a comedy musician and a close personal friend of the PLA. He’s let us use his music as our opening theme song for Telephone Falls and he put together this amazing song for us. Please support Bonecage’s hard work by buying the track and loving his music.

Visit Bonecage on his website, his Twitter, his Facebook, his G+, his YouTube, his Patreon, and his Bandcamp page.

You guys, I’m completely blown away by how helpful everyone was, submitting footage for this music video. There’s no way I could have put anything like this together with my own boring footage. I’m beyond happy with how this whole thing turned out. Be expecting me to beg for footage and other helpful things for future projects. Now that I’ve gotten a taste of making you all do the hard work, I plan to exploit that much more often!


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