The Snow Plow Pizzas on the Grill Show – March 25th, 2014

Thanks for creating these images, Derrick!

This show is sponsored by Dustbunz!  I stole the show title from Nemt.  The images above are from Derreck.  If you think you can make better Snow Plow Show Low Gows that I might turn into a sticker soon, then give it a try and email it to and you will get absolutely NOTHING in return for your efforts.  Except maybe a sticker.  Or 2 stickers.  Make sure you make the image large and uncompressed.

  • MUSIC: Left Behind by Ugly Duckling
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  • Someone make PLA Windows wallpapers for Maxxwell.
  • If the show sounds like it’s skipping, it’s because the recording was skipping because my computer was being kind of laggy during the show.  Sorry bout that.  Haven’t rebooted in a week.
  • MUSIC: Tetris by Doctor P
  • If you want to re-live the horribleness of 1980’s answering machine messages, then have I got a site for you!
  • Wendy’s managers say things like “1 half of 1 percent.”
  • We need to do something evil with Taco Bell’s breakfast phone promotion thing.  Here’s a link and here’s another.  And here’s some weird guy unboxing his Taco Bell phone.
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  • MUSIC: Do You Think I’m Crazy by MC Ohm-I

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6 thoughts on “The Snow Plow Pizzas on the Grill Show – March 25th, 2014

  • March 26, 2014 at 7:28 am

    Oh for fuck sake, it’s Plough not ‘Plow’. ‘Plow’ is not a word in English. American spelling reforms removed many ‘ough’ spellings because they were considered too difficult for Americans to deal with.

    ‘Ough is a letter sequence that arose in Middle English. It was probably pronounced with a back rounded vowel and a velar fricative, e.g., [oːx] or [uːx]. It is by far the sequence of letters with the most unpredictable pronunciation, having at least six pronunciations in North American English and over ten in British English.’

  • March 27, 2014 at 7:52 pm

    Is your cell phone ringtone red box tones? *grinz*
    Also, gym call ideas, to encourage you to do more of these funny calls:
    – Ask them if they’re getting the level of fitness they want and suggest they talk to someone at the desk about ‘performance enhancements’.

    – Tell them their pass is only good to keep them fit in 24-hour increments, thus the name of the gym, and that they’re way over their monthly limit. Offer to upgrade their plan to one with more hours on it for free, but make sure the upgraded plan has undesirable features, like ‘you can use other gym members shorts or towels after they’re done with them’, ‘we’ll let you watch the $oppositeGender locker room cameras’, ‘you can take the equipment (like treadmills) home for the night every other week’. They won’t like that, hopefully, so then will feel they have to choose between two dumb things.

    – Whenever people deny using the urinal wrong or whatever, just tell them you don’t even care but the state is going to make them watch a video about how to do it right the next time they come in.

    – You’re courtesy calling to let them know the gym will be closed tomorrow for cleaning because of the incident. What incident? Feign frustration because it’s their fault for (staring at butts, pooping on the treadmill, etcetera).

    – Something happened in the parking lot the last time they were there – mebbe someone’s car was dinged, they took the wrong car home, someone mistook their car for someone else’s and left something in it …

    Thanks for doing so many great shows lately! I donated to Patreon to trick you into making more podcasts as well as to thank you for all the content.

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