Snow Plow Show – June 29th, 2013 – NooNoo’s Midget Show (and the Rappy show)

Fair warning on this one – nothing really amazing happens during this show. Some breakers are shut off during the second half, but that’s about it. Only listen to this show if you’re really really bored.

  • RBCP listens to girly music, then complains about the weather.
  • Telephone Falls is finished.
  • A gigantic chunk of the show has been edited out, because it’s nothing but RBCP being annoyed that nobody is answering.
  • again!
  • Around 30 minutes (which was actually around 2 hours of nobody picking up phone calls), the show turns into a conference with Legend, Darkstranger, Chris Ellerbeck, Domininininzo and others.
  • Ha! Ha!

Brad Carter

I run this town.

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