Prank Archive and Lube Jobs

Tabachi has created a gigantic archive of prank phone calls. It includes gigs of prank calls, some that you can’t find anywhere else. There’s even I fairly large selection of PLA material that isn’t available anywhere but in Tabachi’s archive. Tabachi is promising exciting things to come for this archive, such as a built-in media player, a streaming radio station of prank calls and the ability to submit your own prank calls to it.



Laugh Track Matt has been hard at work on new cactus art. Here is my favorite of his new batch. It’s based on an old Facebook group that trevor set up to anger thousands of stay-at-home moms that had nothing better to do but visit Facebook pages that made them angry. I bet if you set LTmatt some beer money, he would set you drawings, which would fund even more drunken cactus drawings.

Visit Matt’s Facebook where you’ll find more cactus drawings.

Visit Matt’s YouTube where he posts the pranks that RBCP is too afraid to post.

A lot of new material has been posted on PLA’s YouTube lately. My personal favorite is above, where calls are made to recent customers of an oil change business. But you also need to watch our drive-thru pranks, our psychics and phone sex operator pranks, our portrait studio pranks, our Christmas Eve pranks, our convenience store pranks, our kitchen appliance pranks, and Rob The Hyena’s security cam prank. Just subscribe to PLA’s YouTube so you don’t miss all these amazing things!

And speaking of YouTube, you’ll also want to subscribe to Madhouse Live’s YouTube – a prank was just posted where Carlito and RBCP get an employee to kick random customers out of the store. And Legend’s prank call YouTube, where he posts a lot of good pranks by other people and himself. And Laugh Track Matt’s YouTube, where you’ll find plenty of PLA shenanigans.

Perhaps the most exciting recent news is that on Friday, January 18th, RBCP and Staci (from The Fun Show) did an impromptu prank show that lasted 90 minutes. If you’re subscribed to the main feed, you’ll see the show appear in your podcast readers. Or you can click below to hear it now.

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