Happy Anniversary, RogueClown!

Rogue ClownThe following is stolen from RogueClown’s LJ, without her permission…

it was a year ago today when i stumbled across phone losers of america.

the way i found it was random enough: i was bored one night, and clicking my way through wikipedia. one of the random articles i stumbled across had something to do with telecom, and one of the links on that article pointed to the wikipedia page on phone phreaking. i had no idea what phone phreaking was, but had been idly wondering ever since i read jonathan lee riches ©’s brilliant lawsuit against 50 cent. in that lawsuit, jlr© claims that old fitty stole his lyric, “a phone phreaker, comin out your home speakerz.” so, i clicked the link, read about what a phone phreaker was, and saw the links at the end. one of them was to phone losers, i clicked on the link, and i was up until 4am the next morning listening to prank calls on the site. i blogged it the next morning, and then stayed up absurdly late the next night listening to even more of the calls and reading the content on the site.

Click here to read other stories of people who found the PLA. And be sure to tell us your story in the comments or in the forums. It’s been nice having you around here this past year, Rogue!

Online prank calls

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3 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary, RogueClown!

  • February 19, 2009 at 6:53 am

    a-ha…you had permission all along, thanks to the handy-dancy creative commons license on my blog! i have preemptively thwarted your effort to steal my content without my permission. :D

  • February 19, 2009 at 6:20 pm

    I found zees foneloser when i was running for office last year. it is you know very funny and make me pee. thank you losers!

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