Buy Lots of PLA Coffee Mugs From Us

Your coffee will taste 170% better when it’s sipped from our new official PLA coffee mugs! You need to buy one of these for every member of your immediate family! Use them as a water bowl for your dog. Plant flowers in them. Keep your pens and pencils in them. Use them as a chamber pot. Do anything you want with them, just buy them from us! There is an imprint on each side of the mug – the PLA logo on one side and “Phone Losers of America” on the other. All cups are white with black print. Assuming you have PayPal, you can click on the button below to order several dozen of them. They are $5.00 each, plus $5.00 shipping no matter how many you buy.

If coffee mugs aren’t your thing, you could always visit the PLA Store and buy some PLA t-shirts or caps.

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