PLA Radio Episode #12 – Free Phone Calls

Pay phoneThis is kind of a short episode, as far as content goes. The last 20 minutes is nothing but voicemails from listeners. But in this episode you’ll learn a few different ways to easily make free phone calls. Covered are red boxing, 3rd party billing and charging the phone company for your calls. Very educational! You’ll also hear some breaking news from a computer hackers convention, a way to listen to PLA Radio on your cell phone and a few miscellaneous prank phone calls. This podcast is 36 minutes long and is about 32.9 megs.

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One thought on “PLA Radio Episode #12 – Free Phone Calls

  • May 5, 2012 at 11:22 am

    you can only make LD calls within your LATA, so look it up. sometimes you can’t at all.

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