Quiznos sighs, deals with a Bored RBCP

Mike at Quiznos4/21/2006 – Countykid IMed me yesterday asking if I would screw with some Berkeley Quiznos employees while he was in there ordering food and eating. And of course I obliged. For most of Countykid’s visit, he was entertained by Mike the Employee throwing up his arms in exasperation each time the phone rang and all the other employees eagerly crowding around him to try and listen to the bizarre phone calls.

Click here to listen to the calls.

Keep in mind, I edited out the parts where the phone rang for several minutes at a time with nobody picking up because they were sick of the calls. I finally got him to answer again by unblocking my Caller ID. This is in the call where he tries to scare me by saying he’s got my cell phone number. Countykid was nice enough to snap a few pictures for me while I made the phone calls. Click here for the pictures.

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