PLA RADIO EPISODE #6 – Celebrity Prank Calls

In this episode RBCP attempts to prank call a few celebrities, including Corey Feldman, Eminem, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Reba McIntyre, David Coverdale and Brett Ratner. I said attempted, not succeeded. This podcast is 12 minutes and 43 seconds long and a whopping 12 megabytes in size. It’s co-hosted by a couple of random elderly people who can’t hear anything. Here are some show notes for you…

00:00 Verna
00:05 Intro
01:20 Celebrity answering machines
02:20 Calling Corey Feldman
03:30 Calling Reba McIntyre
05:00 Technical Difficulties in the Orvil Household
06:50 Calling Jennifer Love Hewitt
08:04 Calling Eminem
09:43 Wrapping up with Orvil
10:35 Leave a voicemail at (505) 796-4020
10:45 Welcome to my World by Nerf Herder

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One thought on “PLA RADIO EPISODE #6 – Celebrity Prank Calls

  • February 13, 2008 at 2:21 am

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