New Wacky Hotel Calls

Searching on my hard drive this morning, I found some old hotel sound clips that I’d completely forgotten about. After searching through more than 2 hours of this new audio, I filtered out a few of the funnier calls and now present them to you.

Killer Robots We call a guest and tell them that they really need to stop building killer robots in their room since it’s against company policy. The guest concludes that we must be nuts.

Extension Cord We were staying in a motel and noticed that one of the guests had an extension cord running from their van into their room. Obviously they were running a mobile meth lab so we called their room about it.

Jumping on the Beds We tell this old lady to stop jumping on her bed but she insists that she wasn’t. We know better.

Old Lady Survey This call is horribly morally terribly wrong. Like, there’s no way the guy who did this one will ever get into heaven now. I’m too ashamed to even describe this call, but listen to it and you’ll laugh a lot and then you’ll be ashamed that you laughed. Then the process repeats over and over for 12 minutes.

You know you want to hear more of our Hotel and Motel Prank Calls after listening to those. So go listen! There’s about 10 new clips I’ve put together now which I’ll have on the hotel page tonight.

Brad Carter

I run this town.

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