Die, evil spambots!

Just a few small items to update everyone with…one would be a big HAHAHA to all of you blasted automated internet spamming robots – I spent yesterday evening re-writing the perl scripts on phonelosers.org and it’s now officially impossible for you to post ads for sex, gambling and “pharmacy” goods. Take THAT, evil robots. It was nuts, the spam to the site was coming in faster than I could delete it. Besides banning a few obvious spammish words, all comments on the site are now manually approved. I still haven’t gotten around to fixing the FruitWall, which you can see is still broken.

In other news, our good friend Joe the Peacock from mentallyincontinent.com has recently published a book of his best exploits, which he was nice enough to mail me a copy of. I’ve been a fan of his site for a couple of years now and can highly recommend the stories that he writes. Go visit the Mentally Incontinent website, it’s much better than the trash you’ll find here. Or just buy his new book so you don’t have to bother with reading it for free on the internet.

Lastly, go visit Cal’s Forums. They suck. Make them not suck so much by registering for an account and posting something insightful.

Brad Carter

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