Fun with fast food drive-thrus

Over the past 10 years, PLA seems to have had a very unhealthy obsession with fast food drive-thrus. Whether it’s getting customers to sing and tell dumb jokes to fast food employees or taking over fast food frequencies, we always seems to cause both complete happiness and complete misery simultaneously whenever we’re at a drive-thru. We’ve even documented some of our obsession with video, pictures and sound clips. Below, you can read about a few of our experiences with drive-thrus.

  • Happy Birthday (video) The PLA TV Crew decided to help out a local Hardees fast food joint with a little promotional advertising. After making a sign reading, “Sing Happy Birthday to the drive-thru girl for a free meal!”, EvilCal and RBCP sit across the parking lot with a scanner tuned to Hardees frequency and videotape the results.
  • Who Said That?? (sound clip) This is our first attempt at messing with this drive-thru. Is0tek is mean to a customer and the drive-thru girl exclaims, “Who said that?” Then the customer drives away and the drive-thru girl sounds rather amused about it. The Wendy’s this happened to had the unfortunate luck to be right next to a hotel where the Rubicon hacker convention was taking place. They didn’t have a good weekend.
  • Lawsuit Lady (sound clip) This lady has got to be one of the stupidest customers ever. The drive-thru girl can’t hear the order because we’re keying over the customer while she tries to place an order. Then after we have our say with the customer, an employee and a manager rush out to try and explain what’s going on to the lady. They explain about a half dozen times before the customer finally understands. The whole time she’s ranting to the employees, saying things like “I WILL get a law suit!” and “I WILL call headquarters!” and “I’ll slam dunk his behind and get my whole family on his behind!”
  • I’m New Here (sound clip) Me and the drive-thru girl get into a fight with a customer about which one of us is the real Wendy’s employee. Horrible sound quality on this one.
  • You Smell Funny (sound clip) We tell a customer that he smells funny and an employee rushes out to explains things to him. The girl laughing is an employee inside. The person yelling at me is a customer. And the guy trying to reason with me is the employee that came outside.
  • Taco Bell Takeover (video) After weeks of messing with the frequencies of a nearby Taco Bell, we decide to film ourselves messing with ourselves, just so we could witness the employees reactions to the prank. RBCP and a neighbor of his drove to Taco Bell to place an order while RijilV and Is0tek stayed behind to mess with their order. RBCP’s DV camera is sitting on the dashboard, recording it all.
  • Drive-thru Shenanigans (video) The PLA manages to annoy both employees and customers of fast food joints by adding new signs to the drive-thru menu boards. The results are a little like our Happy Birthday video except this time we allow the customers to have the freedom of choosing their own song for a free meal. And if they can’t sing, they can always tell a dumb joke instead! This time the video runs a little over 10 minutes and includes such hits as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Happy Birthday and Let It Snow.
  • The McDonald’s Sign Prank (pictures and story) We spice up a large wooden sign at a McDonald’s with more colorful language and promotions. Several times.

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