Paris Hilton’s Hacked Sidekick Mania!

Click here to listen to the Eminem prank callThis weekend’s hack of Paris Hilton’s T-Mobile Sidekick has been a lot of fun for everyone in our forums and on our voicebridge.

But just today, RBCP tried calling up one of the numbers pilfered from Hilton’s Sidekick and actually got through to Eminem’s cell phone! The call lasts for over a minute with Eminem threatening RBCP with all kinds of bodily harm and legal action. You can listen to the sound clip here. You can also listen to Paris Hilton call Bacon Strips a fag. Wouldn’t YOU love to be told you’re a fag by Paris Hilton?? If you’re unfamiliar with the Paris Hilton Sidekick debacle click here to read about it in our forums.

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