RIP Micah McCrary

Yesterday evening murd0c sent me to a link which told me that’s original webhost, Micah McCrary, had died during the summer of 2004. You might remember Micah as the owner of Before we had, we had In 1997, just as I was ready to completely abandon the PLA web site forever, Micah decided to register Micah McCrary is the reason that this website still exists.

Micah hosted for years, dealing with a steady stream of complaints and legal threats and still having the time to help me out with my perl codes. He was equally helpful to Heywood of with hosting and support. He was a helpful friend, fun to talk to and had a hilarious way of dealing with the complaints against If you’d like to pay your respects to Micah, I’ve set up a memorial for him here. In fact, I’ve also set up memorials for the other Phone Losers that we’ve lost over the years – SUT and Spee.

Thanks for everything, Micah! You will be greatly missed by many people.

Brad Carter

I run this town.

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