Dino and his Cordless Phone

Recently a popular website linked to a few of our pages, including the old Dino Allsman PLA issue. This motivated me to spice up the Dino issue a bit by changing the layout, adding some graphics, fixing my bad grammer/spelling and adding quite a few updates to the page. I also put the old Dino sound clips back up, which I took down at the end of 2000 when it looked like Dino was going to hunt me down and either kill me or sue me. I ended up talking to a good friend of mine about Dino and it turns out that she knew Dino’s wife and had a little bit of information on Dino for me. So that’s included on the page as well. So take a look, there’s lots of good stuff on our Dino page now!

Brad Carter

I run this town.

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