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Crank Yankers5/30/2002 – If you’ve watched more than 5 minutes of Comedy Central this past month, chances are you’ve seen several commercials for their new upcoming show called Crank Yankers. They’ve been promoting the hell out of the show the past few weeks and it’s hard to say weather or not it’s going to be a hit. The whole idea of puppets talking on the phone for 30 minutes could end up getting kind of old really fast. Remember Greg The Bunny? Yeah, me neither.

The crank calls I’ve heard on their web site aren’t very original, in my opinion. But who knows, the puppets might be enough to keep it interesting. Maybe they’ll add some kind of storyline into the show that’ll make it fun. The show premieres this Sunday (June 1st) so you’ll be able to see the show for yourself. You can visit their web site to listen to clips, post public messages about what you think of the idea and you can even have a Crank Yankers puppet call your friends for free!

And by the way, just to set things straight, the new episode of PLA TV that me and EvilCal have been working on for over a month now features puppets talking on pay phones and at one point making a prank call. Since the prank call isn’t important to the episode, we’ll probably cut it out to keep people from yelling at us about stealing Comedy Central’s idea. But we want people to know that we think Comedy Central broke into our homes and stole the ideas from us. Then they went created puppets, hired writers, made prank calls, produced the whole show and launched a massive promotional campaign in just under a week to make us look silly. But we’ll see who gets the last laugh, oh yes, we’ll see…

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