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03/11/06 – Freddy from Pendlewood: I am from East Alton and i bannge Dean in high school right before he droped out

01/30/06 – Sniper from Dalla: Dino…..you silly bitch, another year has gone by and I still think your a fucking laughing stock moron!!!! LOL

12/11/05 – Elodie from Seattle: Pretty nifty

12/04/05 – rob from essex county uk: ive read this 1000 times it still makes me cry

12/01/05 – Dino’s Penis from Deep In Uranus: What if someone abducted and murdered someone else because they were enraged by your behaviour? Would that be funny, too? Even if it were YOU they abducted and murdered? Yeah, I think so, TOO!!!!

11/30/05 – Ramlih from Hamar: I think i just pist myself laughing

11/27/05 – Josh from Philadelphia pa: this is one of the best stories i have ever read.

10/29/05 – Cliff from so.cal: This is classic. To this day, i turn people on to this. HILARIOUS SHIT MAN!!!

10/05/05 – gonffen from PA: Thank you for making my day. :)

09/16/05 – ctrld-kaos from california: HAHA, I was talkin to a friend of mine back east and he brought up the name Dino, which brought memories flooding back to me. We used to call this guy too i couldnt belive how angry this guy would get. We called him so much he would just be like what do u want this time… He would try to bargain with us asking us where we got his number how we knew who we were.. we had to have called him atleast 400 time within a 1 month period.. We got some great laughs outta this guy..

08/10/05 – East Alton ghetto from ohio street: ya shana was a lil slut in the day ….. she banged all the gleasons and lavites haha you can now find her slurping down cocks at the fast track or locker room parking lot !

06/19/05 – Austin from California: Great stuff! Dino sounds like one of my neighbors. I haven’t scanned for a cordless phone yet, but I have heard them scream at eachother a lot

06/14/05 – D31337 from your ass: OMG! Your liek teh funnys! I love you guys!

02/01/05 – Rob from Hengelo / The Netherlands: This is so great. I’ve read this story more than 5 years ago and was wondering if you were still alive, and yes. Thanks for the added info, this is too cool :-)

01/29/05 – jeff from new york: brought back memories of shit me and abuddy used to do thanks for the laugh

01/15/05 – molestron from okc, ok: i am insert in ur ovaries

01/11/05 – Dino from East Alton: Fuck you Sniper!!!!! And the rest of ya sons a bitches for having a good old fucking time at my expense!!!!!

01/11/05 – Sniper from Dallas: LOL….Came by to read the story again and laughed just as hard!!!!!! What a spud brain Dino is. PLA is pretty fucken funny!!!!

01/01/05 – Stormbird from Land Down Under: I seriously can’t believe someone is so stupid………a most enjoyable read

12/20/04 – Dave from Chi-town: Haha…Funny shit.

12/18/04 – Chris from Morton: It sucked in the beginning got better in the middle and took a nose dive in the end. What a dull ending…

12/14/04 – Shana from East Alton, IL: Call and I will blow you


12/12/04 – MA from IX: Man this was some funny shit :)

12/11/04 – harry balsonia from hell: i did that to my next door neighbor john, he spends all night on phone sex lines cause his wife dont put out haha

12/02/04 – Sniper from Dallas: Laughed so hard I coughed up my spleen

09/02/04 – CracKa from Virginia: That’s just awesome dude haha…

08/24/04 – dumpstering from Galveston,Tx: The intenet keeps me sane , Thanks for making it enjoyable.Great story

08/23/04 – EliSlider from oregon: hahah wow. that story made my day! now if only i could do stuff like that, i would have so much fun. i know you can do similar things with 2-way walkie talkies, but its not a in depth at this and boy, did you have this guy going. props to you all!

08/19/04 – if your so smart u can figure it out from east alton: your just so hilarious. not if you knew the life his had u would have never done that kiddy shit.i really hope u have grown up. and not actting like your father! i hope your daughter does not do that!

08/14/04 – phil from 8257575: adam barger

08/10/04 – The Question from Trollkingdom.com: Hilarity! Comic genius! I think I peed a little!

03/18/04 – Moloko Vellocet from Northern California: Golly gee! That’s some good stuff, keept up! I should get a scanner soon.

03/18/04 – firekeeper from Finland: hahahah this was the most interesting thing today…funny ,evil and well done. feel little sorry for dino but fuck it , i cant stand ppl like him .MORE FIYAH

03/13/04 – Samual Jackson from Washington: Be ashamed.

03/13/04 – Echo Morphsapient from FurWorld: You’re a smart human.

03/13/04 – Nostaljack from St. Croix, VI: Holy shipping and handling…this was hilarious!

03/09/04 – Fucker from Your Ass: Is this possible with the 900mhz cordless phones?

03/08/04 – m from Vancouver: ROFLMAO!!!

03/06/04 – DA MAN from SOMEWEREZ: dat wuz some funni shee iight

03/06/04 – An Ominous from Fremont High School: hahaha, linked by college humor.. fuckin great.

03/04/04 – Jay from Cape Cod, Ma: Been there, Done that. Still funny as hell to hear about others doing it.

03/04/04 – Phil from Colorado: Quite a tale Mr. Carter. I’ve been a fan for some time and re-reading these articles never ceases to amaze me!

03/03/04 – Doug from Saint Louis Missouri: Brad Carter is evil!

03/01/04 – Jeremy from Wilsonville OR: Man, such a classic tale. Never gets old to go back and read about it again occasionally.

02/27/04 – shana from wala wala, washington: hahahaha…. what a loser

02/27/04 – Brett from Denver: lmfao !!! that was great

02/27/04 – Nancy from Coldstream: You should post pictures of these two! You know before phone calls and after …… Pretty damn funny!


02/26/04 – counterspell from raw-chester: holy crap that’s funny. i read it on the computers in the library at my school. We’re supposed to be doing quiet schoolwork, and i’m laughing hysterically at some yokel shouting obscenities. keep it up you “jack-off” “cocksuckers”!

02/26/04 – Mark from Cali: OMG that’s so funny! You are pure evil, I loved it! Just that he kept using the cordless proves how stupid he is.

02/26/04 – yo mama from yo momma: Yo, that was funny momma

02/26/04 – vassago from australia: fuck now thats some funny shit,,,,,,,,,,,\m/


02/25/04 – crazy carl from albuquerque: too frickin’ good. sounds like dino had it comming

02/25/04 – Turk Man from 10Miles From Dino: Whatta Jackass. HAHAHA, I Still Try And Listen To The Scanner Every So Often. Fun Shit

02/25/04 – T from Oregon: Some funny shit!

02/24/04 – Frost from Canada: This story is fucking great man,by the way anyone have a caller ID???

02/24/04 – Dino from East Alton: YES I’m fucking famous now!!!!

02/24/04 – Mike from Edwardsville, IL: I knew Shana in high school and 2 different friends of mine fucked her. She was easy and apparently still is. Great story here man!

02/24/04 – shana from none of your fucking busi: you little fucking shit! you better get this shit off the internet now!

02/24/04 – Mr. Beefy from Somewhere in Minnesota: oh, btw….. I LOVE THE SOUND CLIPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

02/24/04 – Mr. Beefy from Somewhere in Minnesota: HAHAHAHAHAHA I fucking love it man, shit cant get any better! keep it up dude!

02/24/04 – Taylor Walker from So. Cal.: P.S. LOL not only is this story funny but the best part is that dinos dumb, hick, budweiser drinkin, marlboro smokin ass polesmoker. didn’t figure all of this out for the better part of a decade cant stop laughing FUCKING HILARIOUS!! (made smoking a bowl way too hard while laughing)

02/24/04 – Taylor Walker from so. cal.: Good job lad it’s our brains that seperate humans, as with dino i can completely understand why you did that to this white trash honkey ass piece of wife beating regurjitative shit. (take a breath), In any case big props to brad for the time it took to putting pieces of shit like dino where they belong (if they don’t get on Jerry Springer first). We as intelligent americans need to start weeding out these white trailer trash assholes and their slutty wives. good show bro!!

02/24/04 – Mario O from Santiago, Chile: This has to be the most pathetic life you are living. Making calls to piss people off! Now, Dino might like fishing and cussing and smoking, but you my friend have no fuckin life man! It´s losers like you that make dumb sites like this!

02/24/04 – Rickie from Chicago: Surfing the Internet at 2 am when you can’t sleep has never been more enjoyable

02/24/04 – V-Man from B.F.E.: Now that is some funny shit !!!!!

02/24/04 – SGT Ed from Afghanistan: You just made Afghanistan a little better… Thanks!

02/23/04 – Matt from Lubbock, Tx : Funny, damn funny!

02/23/04 – Oilers_suck from Wood River: I’m from East Alton, and I banged Shana in high school

02/23/04 – Leon from Alabama: That is great…..you could have a blast with some of these “rednecks” down here..

02/23/04 – Martin from San Diego: Pure Fucking Genius Man!!!!!!

02/21/04 – Mark from Corpus Christi: A true Fuckin’ Classic

02/21/04 – Prankster1960 from Sharpsville, Pa.: Love to meet Shana! Good job working a dumb ass!

02/20/04 – Michelle from Louisiana: That’s fucking hilarious! you have talent to pull off all of that!

02/19/04 – Matt from Canada: If that’s the real shana posting here… oh my.

02/19/04 – DJ from Cali: That was the first time ive ever laughed so hard i cried

02/18/04 – Shana from East Alton, IL: I love cuppacinos from QT, what can I say? PS Dino let’s make up

02/17/04 – Owen from Europe: Never once did they suspect their cordless phone. What schmucks.

02/16/04 – Katie from Mich.: Classic. I think we should drain out the flaky side of the gene pool more often with humiliation. Seems to be the only way.

02/13/04 – Chamisra from Glasgow, Scotland: I feel a little sorry for Dino, he is littel more than a shell of a human being…… Fuck It…… Give him more pain…. Maybe work on Shana this time???

02/12/04 – J-Money from Cornell University: Good times picking on white trash

02/12/04 – My name from My location: H4X!

02/12/04 – Sweetie from Beltsville, MD: I want to marry Dino!

02/12/04 – :-D from UCONN: that. made. my. day. THANK YOU.

02/12/04 – Sean from TN and SD: you are a fuckin genious…i loved this, by readng it i am already planing a little somthing for the next couple of ass holes i come across….thanks for the insperation!

02/12/04 – Brendon the copper from colorado springs: Holy crap. I had to be to bed a while ago, but this was the best reading i’ve had in a long long time. I couldn’t stop reading more. You MUST find him and continue this. I can’t believe how funny this story is!!!

02/11/04 – Dean from NMT: lovin’ every minute of it man, kudos to you and you semi-malicious genius.

02/11/04 – john from seattle: get a life. seriously.

02/11/04 – Rob from Mobile AL: kinda lack luster prank if you ask me. the set up was beautiful, but the actual conversations sucked ass hole dude. You gotta say better things than “i fucked your wife and she gave me herpes” just childish. but ill give you an “A” for effort.

02/11/04 – Shane from Millers Pt. Ohio: i just jacked off to that. thanks.

02/11/04 – J from Wisco: Hilarious. . .good audio too. . .lmao while i read it

02/11/04 – Jared from Anniston, AL: Funny. A guy who goes by the name Dino needs to be made fun of.

02/11/04 – Police Officer Steve from Memphis: Loved It. Even though, I not supposed to. :)

02/11/04 – Steve from Richardson TX: That was hilarious. Especially since i see that he just found this site and left his own comment. Yeah! Like his Lawyer can arrest you!!! What a maroon!! . . . You should really think about trying to make Shana’s day by sharing this total shaming of Dino with her to show her how smart she was by getting out!! . . Great stuff!!!

02/11/04 – micki from lexington: nice, i have relatives in alton/woodriver and after reading this, they are on the look out for Dino.

02/11/04 – J from KC: that needs to be turned into a short film. Write up a scriptm, and take it to IFC.


02/11/04 – Dean from NoVA: Props to you on this prank. If you’re going to do something, do it well.

02/11/04 – Cardz from California: BWAHAHA, You cant make that kind of comedy up! I love it!

02/11/04 – Jack from Ball State: You really know how to break a man. And I know a couple of people who deserve it as much as that douche.

02/11/04 – Dewd from Cali: I gotta tip my hat to that. Pure quality.

02/11/04 – dewar from detroit: that was great

02/11/04 – Biskit from Washington DC: This is the funniest shit I have ever read. I love to prank call, but you guys not only pushed the envelope, you tore it to shreds. Gnarly as fuck.

02/10/04 – erika and becky from Nebrasky: dude, that was fuckin hilarious….keep us updated with dino, and thanks for making our day brighter! thats some funny shit mane!

02/10/04 – Larry from Tn: Have you done this before, I read a different story where this guy call 2 diff. people and pissed them both off, he then gave the number of one guy to the other and they planned to fight, (then the guy messin with them called the cops) so they were fighting and the cops pulled up. funny story, this one is funny as hell and better.

02/10/04 – james r from richmond: good shit, where did you learn all that?

02/10/04 – Bob from chi-town: You made me piss my pants, you little fuckin jack-off! haha

02/09/04 – T from Udapimp, Idaho: Man..I gotta stop using my cordless phone…don’t want you to make a fool of me…of course, im not nearly as cledus-like as ol’ Dino…what a perfect name for such a waste of skin..BRAVO!!!

02/07/04 – fuckmoot from florida: fuckin awesome, hilarious. keep it up.

02/06/04 – Wolfie from Pennsylvania: Mean? Rude? down right friggin hilarious Muwahahahahahahahaha

02/04/04 – Nointroduction from Tennessee: haha, i did the same thing to some people a while back, they ended up shooting the person they thought was making the calls…. wow! Funny stuff!

02/04/04 – J_Thomas from Big Sc in the IA: Awsome story. Took a long readin but got thru it. ME likes!!

02/04/04 – Travis from Ohio: Holy shit man, that’s awesome. I gotta try that sometime. And I know who deserves it, too.

02/02/04 – Soldier Brian from Tikrit Iraq : Dude, that was really mean of you. Thanks for making me laugh

02/01/04 – Aaron from Michigan: OH MY GOD!!! I DONT KNOW IF YOU TOTALY INSANE OR A COMPLETE GENIUS!!! Cuz that waz some James Bond shit that you pulled.

01/30/04 – DataPsychosis from Mississippi: LoL, great story

01/29/04 – Josh from ‘Sconsin: Holy crap I need to change my pants now. Funny shit.

01/28/04 – Amanda from Colorado: oh my good GOD my abs hurt from reading that…you people are freaking HILARIOUS!!!!

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