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Soda Cup

Soda Cup: RBCP & EvilCal get some magnets and use them to stick a soda cup on top of RBCP’s car. This causes the cup to stay in place no matter how fast they go. This also causes everyone they pass to yell, “Hey, you guys left your soda up on top of your car!” Waste your time by watching a video of a dozen different people saying basically the same thing. (c) 2001

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11/27/05 – Jazpa from Aussie: Heheheh, i’m doing that as soon as i can drive

11/26/05 – from Cleburne, Tx: hmmmm…. It could be funny if you were really bored. I like the taco bell trick alot better.

11/08/05 – Greg from Michigan – Continued: my brother got out chased my cuz, mean while i skirted off in the car around the corner after him.. as soon we turned the corner they both got in, and we got out of there.. (the cops were surly called) we returned later in my brothers car, and overheard several ppl still talking about it

11/08/05 – Greg from Michigan: Lol i did something ten times funnyer.. me and my brother were in my car, and my cuz was in the trunk.. we went by all theese ppl eatting icecream on a hotday (they were all sitting out side n stuff) and we slow down and ask where the local library is theese 4 girls jump up just so excited to help us, in the middle of there talking they hear loud thumps from there trunk they both slowly stop talking and look, all the sudden the trunk flys open and out runs my cuz.. without closing the trunk…

07/28/05 – Allan from Chicago: hilarious, i could just imagine how funny this’d be if i drove around Chicagoland trying this out!

04/06/05 – Jackass from Philly: This works great with a sunroof with a string and Mt Dew can. Morons will chase you, once they do pull the can inside and laugh hysterically in their face,

04/05/05 – InsanePhate from Co: That was, absolutely, pause-a-tivly, the most not so funny thing i have ever seen. nice try though.

03/27/05 – Kyo from New Hexic0: I wondoer if people will notice one of those super-chug 64oz things attached to me car?

03/25/05 – the dude from West Texas: Did this with a really strong mag. went down Interstate 20 had a blast listening to cb radio I got from a friend. WILD joke THANKS

01/30/05 – Soda from Your Car: I’m going to do this!

01/28/04 – cypherus from South Jersey: I think I’ll do this the next time I travel! too funny…

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  • June 4, 2007 at 1:56 pm

    Nice job!!! I would suggest an even better item to place atop your vehicle: a child’s car seat with a baby doll inside. Of course the cops might not think it’s so funny…

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