PLA TV – Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

The PLA TV Crew decided to help out a local Hardees fast food joint with a little promotional advertising. After making a sign reading, “Sing Happy Birthday to the drive-thru girl for a free meal!”, EvilCal and RBCP sit across the parking lot with a scanner tuned to Hardees frequency and videotape the results. (c) 2000.

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I so enjoyed your PLA tv Happy Birthday thing that my friend and I took it upon ourselves to do the same thing. After doing it at McDonalds (no real response before sign torn down) we moved on to Burger King. It worked great and we listened to the results on our scanner. Unfortuately, we had to get out of our car and adjust the sign and someone at the Taco Bell next door thought we were vandalizing something and they called the cops.

We were very surprised when the cops pulled up and started yelling at us to stay in the car and stuff. They thought that maybe we were staking the place out for a robbery or something. They also told my friend that he smelled like alcohol, which was so ridiculous that I volunteered us to be breatalized, which they never did.

They searched us and the car and found the scanner. I told them that I had just bought it and I was showing it to my friend. They thought that maybe we were staking the place out and listening to their police frequency (hello? Then we wouldn’t have gotten caught coppers!) They also found the sign on the drive-thru speaker, so we fessed up and told them the story,
excluding the part about hearing the drive-thru frequency on the scanner.

After finishing their search of the car, they let us on our merry way. Of course, before letting us go they made one small request and we replied in unison….”Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Police Department….” So that’s it, no ticket, no fine, just a scare and a couple of understanding cops. I think they actually thought it was funny.

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03/03/06 – Chad from Virginia: Funny as shit, do another!!!

01/19/06 – tyler from neverland : i got this time put a sign that say find out many burger we have and get one free so wind up with like 30 burger

12/02/05 – Holy_Kotor from RuneScape: Sigh…That is so friggin hilarious…I have to watch it again and show my friends. Thanks for spreading the fun around guys! Nice job.

11/27/05 – Tim from Vandelay: ha fucking hilarious

11/18/05 – Jessie from Ohio: That was fukin hillarious! Your sight is kepping me ocupied on this bored and lonely, school skipping day.

08/23/05 – Rik from Australia: that is fantastic, I’m going to have to work out what frequencies the few drive thru’s with radios over here use. Most of the time window 1 takes order/window 2 gives order :(

08/20/05 – Garf from Random, Canada: I had to play it twice, so I could hear it…the second time around, I had to shove my hand in my mouth to stop laughing! MORE!!

07/27/05 – Bill from Dallas: Love it! Keep up the good work.

07/27/05 – my name from my loaction: hahaha i wish i had the cash for a scanner

07/19/05 – James Earl Cash from Canada: u guys are funny as hell keep it up.

07/17/05 – S2 from MO_USA: Cont’d From Above….. We then sit in Walmart parking lot like 10 feet away from the drive thru and watched ppl wait at the 1st window when the 1st window was closed, and for some reason this McD’s didnt have the signs that said please pull to next window, so ppl were sitting there waiting and waiting, it was like an hour and then they figured out, i guess a customer asked them what was going on, it was quite funny though!!!

03/29/05 – Nesman from Alton: That Hardee’s is closed now. :(

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