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Elephant & Bird

Meet Bird. He’s tired of paying Ameritech’s outrageous pay phone rates. Luckily his best friend Elephant happens along just in the nick of time to help Bird save a buck or two. Watch as Elephant & Bird have all kinds of wacky telephonic adventures. This is the first episode of Elephant and Bird. After you see it you’ll probably hope it’s the last episode. But chances are, it won’t be. You can watch Episode 1 by clicking on the links below or watching the Embedded video.


watch it on YouTube Video
watch it on Google Video
Windows Media 300k –thanks LaVarious for hosting this!
Real Player 256k – thanks Etox!

Behind The Scenes

Our green screen was actually just a bunch of green posterboard we bought from Wal-mart. Real professional… Here’s a picture of EvilCal’s DV camera watching our posterboard.
Another picture of the green screen. That’s EvilCal in the background talking to the casting agent. RBCP and EvilCal each with their respective puppets.
We have green fabric wrapped around our arms so that the puppets appear to fly everywhere During the last scene RBCP’s daughter and her friend posed for a few mug shots. Those are some tall kids.

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09/30/05 – my name from my location: my comment: this is great!! haha

09/13/05 – Juice from WA: i loved it lol

05/27/05 – Kasper5150 from Bum Fuck Oklahoma: Dude, this is a masterpiece. Adn RBCP is a phucking genius. PLA r0x0rz 4ever11!

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  • February 20, 2007 at 11:29 pm

    well if my roommate’s didn’t already think i was weird they probably do now that i just randomly broke out into a fit of laughter,

    so we gonna see another episode?

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