PLA Tattoos

Some people are crazy enough to permanently ink themselves with the PLA logo or other phone loser related art. This page will showcase other people’s insanity.

DeadlyPliers (2019)

An email from DeadlyPliers reads, “I really enjoy your show, and the work you’ve done in the past. My wife and I listen religiously, and I’m on your Patreon. We’ve been listening to you for about 3-4 years now, and your sense of humor has definitely helped me through some tough shit and slow work days. I tried to get Tru Green to spray some grass killer on my lawn in the shape of the logo, but they said it was too badass for them, so I did the next best thing.

“I decided that it was time for another tattoo (I’m doing a semi-sleve on my left arm for music and other audio-based media, and video games and movies on my right), and I chose the PLA bell. Yes, I realize the lightning bolt is backwards. As they say: “No Ragrets”. I didn’t realize it until the outline was already finished, but I guess this makes this 1 of 1 since I’m assuming the other couple people crazy enough to get the logo tattooed probably were smart enough to double check that. My only real regret is having to get a patch on my arm shaved because it looks like my arm got neutered or something. -DeadlyPliers”

Mac G (2018)

I’m not sure if Mac G’s tattoo is mirrored or not, since I have two pictures of it and each one is different. Mac G says, “I’ve been with the PLA for such a long time and since it’s my religion I decided to get a tattoo of the PLA Bell. New homework for listeners, get a PLA related tattoo and support brad’s hot white ass. Cactus cactus, Mac.”

Dr. Unk (2016)

In 2016 Dr. Unk got this tattoo of a cactus on a pay phone. His plan was to have it colored in, but I haven’t heard from him in years so I don’t know how it’s looking these days. Hopefully we’ll get an update from him someday.

Alex (2018)

Alex got this tattoo in 2018 and says, “It was modeled after your ‘obey the cactus’ design. The artist created it in photoshop and then went to town on my leg. My next tattoo will be a bell Canada phone booth circa 1993 or so.”