Restricted Content

Look at you, trying to access restricted content like you own the place. But you don’t get that for free, pal. You need to sign up for a monthly membership on this site to access the secret content and become a member of the Elite Cactus Squad. Here are some links to sign up.

THE YOU GET NOTHING LEVEL – $1.00/MONTH – One dollar each month is the perfect way to support the show without blowing too much of your hard-earned money. For a mere $1 per month, you’ll get absolutely nothing except for a good feeling in your heart, knowing that you’re supporting something that you love, even if you’re being sort of a cheapskate about it.

THE EXTRA SHOWS MEMBERSHIP – $5.00 – At this level, you’ll receive approximately 1 extra show per week, called a Hobosode. Hobosodes are usually between 10 and 30 minutes long and I average at least one per week, sometimes more.

SCREEN CREDITS ON YOUTUBE – $10.00 – At this level, your name will appear on one (or more) of our YouTube videos on the main PLA channel or the Snow Plow Show channel every month or two. You also receive the extra show perk from the $5 level.

SHOW SPONSOR – $20.00 – At this level, you will be a sponsor of The Snow Plow Show podcast or a Hobosode. You will either be the sole sponsor of the entire show, or you will sponsor a segment of the show, or you will be grouped with a few others. You will be a sponsor at approximately every 2 months, though I’ll try my best to make it monthly. You will also receive the extra show perk from the $5 level and the YouTube credits from the $10 level.

You can also access most of our restricted content on our Patreon page.