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When I’m recording episodes of PLA Radio, I refer to my office as my Studio. Just to sound professional. Here are pictures of the studio. Let’s start with my mixer and phone…

PLA Radio mixer and phone - click to enlarge
PLA Radio mixer - click to enlarge

I use a Eurorack UB1202 12 channel mixer which is strapped to a metal stand (the kind of stand you’re suppose to set papers on). The first two inputs are for microphones, though I only ever use just the one microphone. Inputs 3 and 4 are my two phone lines. The first line PLA Radio computer - click to enlarge is my internet line and the 2nd is my land line. When making phone calls where I want the high quality sound on my own voice, I generally run the microphones on the right channel so that I can easily bring up the volume of the person I’m calling. The phone lines are patched into the mixer with in-line recorders, purchased from Radio Shack. The phone is a Panasonic 2-line phone and a Plantronics headset.

My computer is a 2.53 GHz Pentium system with 512 megs of RAM and a 19″ monitor. For storage it has 2 internal drives – 30 gigs and 130 gigs. Then an external 160 gig USB drive.

For audio I have a Creative Audigy card which includes the drive bay inputs and controls which you can see in the picture. I rarely use anything but Cool Edit Pro for all of my audio recording and editing.

My primary microphone is an Optimus unidirectional dynamic on a cheap desktop stand.

For mobile podcasting, I use an Olympus DS2 digital recorder (it’s the little device sitting on top of the mixer) along with various telephone recording devices and a cheap “tie clip” microphone.

PLA Radio studio - click to enlarge
PLA Radio studio - click to enlarge

2 thoughts on “PLA Radio Studio

  • August 16, 2008 at 6:29 am


    Love your set-up! I’m a pro composer/editor, and have almost exactly the same set-up… Cool Edit and Audigy that is.

    I’m a huge fan, and have been for many years – since I first discovered you guys in ’03 or ’04. Your calls are brilliant and very tasteful (I use neither of those words lightly). Your ideas go way beyond just calling people and messing with them.

    Your archive of calls and podcasts continues to get me through many awful work days at the bullshit day job I have to work, and I truly thank you!

    Keep it up, and take care :)

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