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If you run a podcast and would like to help promote my show, use the clips below. Please email me if you use them on your show and I’ll do my best to promote your show as well. Although I can’t guarantee that I will! Thanks for your support.

Promo #1 – Woodrow An old man named Woodrow unwillingly helps me promote PLA Radio. The background music is my Muse. If you don’t like playing copyrighted music on your show, try using this version which has no background music. But really, I don’t think using a 7 second looped beat is going to cause any problems for you. (59 seconds)
Promo #2 – We Care PLA Radio cares about you and it shows. This uplifting promo will make you feel good about loving the things we do. (54 seconds)
Promo #3 – Very Short This promo is just a few seconds long and states our name and URL. (4 seconds)
Promo #4 – Oh My God! Two hyperactive kids rave about how great PLA Radio is. The background music is Shitstorm by Strapping Young Lad which is podsafe. (36 seconds)
Promo #5 – Evan A very disturbing testimonial by 11-year-old Evan. Thanks to Corby from the Twisted Pickle Podcast for forwarding this along to me when Evan emailed it to the wrong address. (58 seconds)

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