Snow Plow Producer Mainframe


  • Facebook Mob Sometimes during the live shows, the listeners will pester the regulars of a specific Facebook page and RBCP will occasionally pull the page up and read the wacky comments. If you know of a good candidate for a Facebook mobbing, send it to us.
  • Prank call suggestions
  • Prank requests
  • Song requests – try not to suggest commercial music unless i just really NEED to play it for some reason.



  • Type in a blurb here and I just might say it at some point during the show.  The blurb doesn’t have to be anything about prank calls.  Just anything you want.



  • Since you’re a $20 sponsor, you get to have your name associated with a show every couple of months, but maybe you don’t want your name mentioned.  Use this form to give a new name, or a business name, or anything else you want.