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03/16/06: Sasquatch from The Woods Beats pranking the woodland animals evry day !!!

03/16/06: blimblamshit from securville you know your not just being mctwits – your being mcgay!

03/15/06: Grant from Salina, Kansas FAWKING HILARIOUS! my friend gave me the URL and i couldnt stop laughing. good luck with further attempts

03/14/06: nathan from perth, australia you bunch of very funny bastards, love your work

03/13/06: Fatty McFat from Hungary This was pretty gay!

03/13/06: nathan from Gi, Nebraska DUDE you are like fucking god

03/13/06: Robert from Australia This is not funny, you could have done better, Fail!

03/12/06: Anthony from New York The Ultimate Prank,Go to Mcdonalds dress as the King (Burger King) and order like you normally do but ask for a whopper and keep demanding and u wont leave until u get one

03/12/06: Harry Balzonya from Mommascrack Pretty fucking Gay. Do you have to be a McTwit?

03/11/06: Daisy from Southampton, England Genius!

03/10/06: Morgan from Georgia Awesome prank man! That was fuckin funny as hell! lol

03/10/06: scott from san diego fucking awesome man

03/10/06: old mc’bunghole from hell in a handbasket this shit woulda been funny if i hadn’t stapled my thumbs to my asshole, damn punk kids…

03/07/06: lucas from montreal,canada that is so rad. you are rad. very good work

03/05/06: Nol from Brazil Well done, this site is really great. Just wanted to say hello, keep up the good work!

03/04/06: God from Heaven A good ol damning of fast food employees I sayath

03/04/06: Emma from virgina Funni I want one of those in my neighobor hood!! *pouts and wines*

03/04/06: Krista from Easton PA That was freakin awesome haha You are genious ^_^

03/03/06: Josh from Nova Scotia canada make a new sign that says

03/03/06: Michelle from Natchitoches, LA a couple of my guy friends stole a 5 foot fiberglass Ronald Mcdonald form the playdground in my hometown and threw it over a bridge into traffic. They were caught, and aid heafty fines. It is a prank that wil forever live on in my hometown.

03/03/06: Rene from Brazil Perfect. got nothin to say more. PERFECT SITE!

03/02/06: derek from the OC biatches funny stuff, PLA rules

02/28/06: smokey from west-side nice shit man

02/27/06: helen from new jersey what a funny idea.

02/27/06: someone from somewhere try decorating a port-o-pottie and tape it or take photos. really really fun. trust me.

02/25/06: Stormdaisy from belgium enjoyed reading the adventures of the McD sign :D

02/25/06: Nikki from Canada my friend luvs Mcdonalds…………wat a loser!

02/25/06: Your mom is from my ass F-U-N-Y: Hilarious!

02/25/06: Far from funny asshole the funny part is, you dont know how many times they spat in your food jackass.

02/24/06: Lunny_74 from Manchester, UK That, my friend was fucking hilarious! The MP3 phone call had me laughing sooo hard

02/23/06: NFSRacer from Idaho Did they really trace the call?

02/20/06: Zed from Utah amusing. you pulled this off very well. enjoyed the audio.

02/19/06: Steve from Denver, CO Funny stuff! Super Size ME!!!

02/19/06: rich from new york dont feel bad about your first sign not fitting.(this is a boring reply) as a semi carpenter, i’ve been assured that wood swells and shrinks with meteorological conditions(sp?). cool gag, keep it up.

02/18/06: Caitlin from Texas Critics are calling the Mc Donalds sign prank

02/18/06: melody from New Zealand hilarious, what great ideas these are for reproducing here in nz..heh

02/18/06: joe kidd from grimsville Your such a waste of life, but um, so am i….wanna screw burger king over now?

02/16/06: Tanya f from Albertville,AL Your brillant and my new heros. Hahahahaha!

02/08/06: kayla king from montreal,canada i found it rather FUNNY

02/07/06: Elsie from Vancouver LOL that is rather hilarious! Good job!

02/06/06: Grany from Brazil Very impressive. Looks like you guys are having a great time. I’m very proud of you.

02/05/06: Dan from Maryland The was the funnyest thing I have ever herd about!!

02/05/06: elizabeth from ohio FuNNy!!!!

02/03/06: david gregory mc spanky the 3rd from the moon twas rather good, im gunna do it on my skewl

01/31/06: Justin from San Diego I’m sure Atkins would have approved.

01/29/06: Nick from Las Vegas You guys are hilarious, that’s what happens when people get bored. lol

01/28/06: Remmy from Dallas Funny, classic, but wrong. (The phone call!)

01/25/06: Jason UK from England HAHAHA !!! Tooooo Funny !!!

01/25/06: alex from arizona f*cken awesome guys

01/24/06: mcdonadls lover from mc donalds listen budzzz im not skinny and yes i eat mcds every chance i get lolz i love the fake shit what ever the call their meat now a days i seemt o enjoy it so yes as a fatty ill take that extra cheese burger

01/24/06: Kris Smith from Jax Fl that was really cool you are really brave to do something like that. And u didnt get caught!

01/21/06: Patrick Hudson from Corinth, Mississippi thank you for the idea

01/20/06: mmaassuumm from windsor ontario good prank man…keep the shit up!!!

01/19/06: Brandon from Ne thats some funny shit right there i liked the one that said turn left or you’ll hit this sign.

01/17/06: Nico from California mission viejo hey …where did u move too?…..nice prank…

01/14/06: Sunny from California How I ended up at your page I have no idea…. I’m supose to be studying right now. haha. Wicked funny

01/14/06: Stuart from London I would have thought you’d have had something better to do with your time.

June 18, 2006 – 09:06 PM: Matt from St. louis LOL that actually sounds like a good idea. Thank you for NOT choosing McDonald’s.

June 19, 2006 – 07:29 PM: victoria from vermont hahaha..i work at a mcdonalds…and i must say, the whole thing is HILARIOUS. if that had been my mcdonadls i would have been cheering you on.

June 23, 2006 – 10:58 AM: pat from canada eh i work at mcdicks and i would laugh my ass off it that happened,, i would steal it take it home and keep it!

June 24, 2006 – 10:08 PM: matt hill from im not telling u!!!! wow thats figgin amazin like im surprised they didnt put a camera up lol but ya wow………….. u should of video taped it ……….. cya later go to my xanga………………… xanga/

June 25, 2006 – 08:55 AM: Dizwiz from The middle of nowhere I think you are without a doubt, the most creative being on planet earth! America needs somebody like you. Or just you. And to anybody who thinks not… FUCK YOU!!!

June 25, 2006 – 09:14 AM: Zane Persons from houston Texas That dude, Dizwiz is right! Anybody who doesn’t think that’s funny is a self obsessed asshole who doesn’t know how to have a good time.

June 27, 2006 – 03:03 PM: desiree from van fricken hilarious. I laughed so hard.

June 28, 2006 – 01:40 PM: Zac Rauncher from England! rofl, tbh i may have to try this and post the results!

June 28, 2006 – 01:51 PM: chelsie from iowa your fuckin’ assholes!@!

June 30, 2006 – 07:56 AM: Hank from New York City Oh my god, you have to continue this at least 4 or 5 times more.

June 30, 2006 – 07:56 AM: ECT from Connecticut are you going to replace the new sign? make it say "Fuck You"

June 30, 2006 – 07:56 AM: Tyler from Maryland FUNNY!!! Too funny! Too bad they were such sourpusses about the whole thing!

July 02, 2006 – 06:58 PM: bob from oh your my hero that was halarious

July 07, 2006 – 06:01 PM: Matt from Michigan NICE!! I work at Mcdonalds and I wish someone would do that to me.

July 08, 2006 – 08:16 AM: Chuck Norris from Barrens You should have given the sign a roundhouse kick.

July 08, 2006 – 03:42 PM: Myriam from Florida ooo Dude, you ROCK! Those were hilarious.

July 09, 2006 – 07:21 PM: Amy-Jo from OK That is something I wish I had time to do!! Great prank!

July 16, 2006 – 11:05 AM: McPeter from McAustralia Ha McFunny I work at mc donalds and I would love for this to happen at were I work, I might do it, I’ll probably ge fired but what the hell.

July 16, 2006 – 11:05 AM: cid from miami Halarious. I wish you could to that to the one I work at now…McDonalds sucks

July 24, 2006 – 03:21 PM: Paula from Liverpool i wish i were clever enough to do something like that. *sigh* now i’ll just have to copy your idea for my mickey-dee’s. maybe i could use the Jack in the Crack!

July 29, 2006 – 09:17 AM: Eddie The Great from Australia Where is this mcDonalds location, someone needs to carry on you legacy!

July 31, 2006 – 05:21 PM: K. from NJ If you’re ever back there, you should make the sign say "kthxbi".

August 01, 2006 – 12:39 AM: Chaz from Ft. Worth, Texas thats sooo friggin funny, me and my friends are always messing with drive-throughs, only gotten in troubble with the cops once, but its like a every night thing for us, ill have to try something like this sometime… tonight

August 04, 2006 – 10:02 AM: rusty benson from salem,oregon hillarious!

August 06, 2006 – 09:45 AM: Chris from Burlington, Canada do it again! do it again! do it again! do it again! :D:D:D :P

August 10, 2006 – 04:12 PM: Hillary from IL That was McGenius…Very Funny!!

August 11, 2006 – 09:37 AM: Scotty from Belgium Mcfuckin hilarious, doubt why did you went trough so much trouble? you could have just made 3 cartboard signs… maybe get hold of the mcmanagers autograph and have him sign the damn thing… nice try but a bit amateuristic

August 12, 2006 – 09:45 AM: Dan Kelley from Londonderry, or Yarmouth dude i should do this……hahaha

August 14, 2006 – 07:58 AM: Kuro Rai from Toronto I stumbled on2 this page, and OMFG!!! HILLARIOUS!!! i am a mcdonalds/walmart/microsoft hater so yea… HILARIOUS!!! CONTINUE ON!!!

August 17, 2006 – 10:11 PM: claire from england! i work in a mcdonalds in england, i so wish you’d come do that to my store!

August 19, 2006 – 08:45 AM: Devin from Edmonton-Canada LMAO- Thats a great idea, I wish I’d thought of that. Good job going to great lengths to piss McDicks off.

August 20, 2006 – 11:42 PM: Jeff from Denver USA You guys believe anything derogatory that are told huh? Grow up!!

August 31, 2006 – 08:33 AM: Phill Fatness from Fatville, Fat I <3 Cheeseburgers

October 03, 2006 – 10:11 AM: Nena from Los Angeles I am a McFan, thats funny shit!! Want more!!!

October 07, 2006 – 09:53 PM: Katie from your location Very good site! I like it! Thanks!h

October 14, 2006 – 02:16 PM: Tom from Cranleigh, England You should’ve said "Didn’t get a supersize? Nah, you’re big enough already."

October 30, 2006 – 10:26 AM: Christina from Va This is like the best idea ever. i was weak the whole time i read it.

: from

01/14/06: gruz from detroit Great plan man, you should have put a McBomb in the sign!

01/11/06: chuck from from the basement awesome, i think an even more appropriate sigh would have been

01/11/06: Human from Earth CJ doesnt have a sense of humour and doesnt know the meaning of fun. I am so going to do this at my local McDonalds!

01/11/06: EJ from Ireland Haha I love it! I have got to try some of these on the Newbridge McDonalds some day.

01/09/06: Liz from WYo Hilarious! I laughed sooo hard!

01/08/06: Das Jaikit from Glasgow, SCO McMental!

01/08/06: Das Jaikit from Glasgow McMental! McWell done! McHillarious!

01/07/06: Mattxdcog from Alpharetta Ga Nice prank… do sumin else?

01/06/06: ivan from toronto this is one of the best ideas i ever came up with..ahahah

01/06/06: chris from london yeah right hilarious, get a job!

01/06/06: Ashley from Fayetteville, Oh You have too much time on your hands.

01/05/06: Jenn from Canada that is the most ingenious prank i’ve ever heard of! everyone should deface public property at least once in their life! you just made a website about it! hopefully someone in my area will read this and say….

01/05/06: Ronald McDonald from Funland Little bastards!

01/04/06: Bob from Oregon Notice the shadows on the sign pics….FAKE!

01/04/06: Chris A. from Lubbock, TX Pretty sure that was one of the most brilliant pranks I have ever heard of!!!

01/03/06: The Chad from Florida Excellent McWork guys McExcellent

01/03/06: Sonic from Rhode Island You have inspired me. We have planty of old Micky d’s around here, so this should be fun.

01/02/06: Fatty Mcfatazz from cardiac care unit great, just great…

01/02/06: Fred from Blackwood NJ Very funny!!! I’m not much for pranks but that’s funny.

01/01/06: King from Florida The drive thru shenanigans video link doesent work. jus lettin ya know. KEEP THIS SITE UP!

01/01/06: King from Florida Omfg dude that rat feces one was the best LOL.

01/01/06: jim from ny funny as hell. the phone thing was genius

12/30/05: McG from Texas Change the new sign to read

12/30/05: Alec from Rochester, NY

12/28/05: jared from Australia Champion!! Nice phone prank too!

12/28/05: minuteman from Dustbowl, Arizona try

12/28/05: Andrew from Canada Dont give up on ur

12/28/05: Grumly from France I love it! You should have glued the 1st one…

12/28/05: Jeremy from nh i actually work for mcdonalds and i think its funny! infact, thats awesome!

12/28/05: David from FL Haha! Nice Prank!

12/28/05: Bob from Alton thats kinda hott dude

12/28/05: Don Kebalz from ohio your a McTurd loser !!

12/28/05: Steff from louisville, ky when life is really suckin’ bad… i can count on you to make my laugh! your website is the best.

12/27/05: carolyn from illinois were still laughing….your the best.

12/26/05: jen from London LOL very good well done

12/23/05: Zombix from Milpitas, California There was fun and laughter in our days, but everything is not ment to stay. Anyways, theres a wooden sign here that could use ur craving.. And I don’t live in Milpitas..

12/21/05: Jay from England Bloody ‘ell, that’s the funnesit thing I’ve read for a long time. Really needed a good laugh. Bloody brilliant stuff, well done

12/21/05: andy from belfast, ireland dude u have too much time on your hands. Funny guy all the same! Well done buddy

12/20/05: Colin from Rutherglen UK I like this, but you have way too much time on your hands

12/19/05: Zara from UK Genius, Pure Genius

12/18/05: Jessie from Biloxi, MS SPOT ON SPOT ON !!

12/18/05: coz from glasgow will you not get caught doind this

12/18/05: Mark from England I think this was a brill prank, you should go into cctv damage

12/17/05: me from the world nice work with the sign there. it’s a pitty the turn left sign never got to be used.

12/16/05: unknown from new jersey umm u think ur rele tuff because u changed a mcdonalds sign..ur not..and it wusnt even funny cus u were scared to write nething that wus actually funny or mean on the sign..grow a pair

12/16/05: cycomarco from italy YOU’RE GREAT!!!

12/16/05: ryu akai from louisiana swet prank i did one like it in my town i your honer

12/16/05: KillSwitch from Kent, Washington brilliant prank indeed…. i oved the phone call part you have given me some ideas for the one by my house… hehe

12/15/05: Matty from Shrewsbury, England Awesome but u must have had alot of free time!!!!

12/15/05: Neo from a place Rofl. Very nice prank

12/15/05: the_horror_that_is_em from Northampton, UK Why don’t I ever think of cool things to do like that? I suck…

12/14/05: Nathan from harrisburg pa one of the funniest things ive heard yet (so what you going to do with the new sign)

12/14/05: Y2K from Oslo, Norway Great idea for my local mcdonalds =P

12/13/05: Beast Brat from the planet Tia OMG! So funny! You Rock Dude or Dudes!

12/13/05: ronald mcdonald from usa your a fucking idiot

12/13/05: Fryman28b from Hell, Shell… DELL?! OH Ha. McDead.

12/13/05: crazy man from Castr Valley california That was a good prank. I agree with doctor insanity we should all do it to our local mcDs.

12/13/05: Joanne from Cheshire Now that is funny !

12/13/05: kimberly from san bernadino,california thats hilarious, that was so funny! it sux that they took them down,but i guess i wouldnt want my mcdonalds to be know for making cows and chicks. go extinct, well endowed! hahaha

12/13/05: Ish from US of A Wow, funny! First people hated Wal-Mart, and now McDonalds! Really funny. You have a lot of time on your hands, but still pretty funny.

12/13/05: Emma from London Wicked idea, should have left the signs up lol

12/12/05: CD from Michigan Nicely done, regardless of the provious cranky messages. I wonder how hong it would have stayed up if you’d said

12/12/05: of 2 evils from surrey uk dude, that f***ing rocks, awesome stuff dude

12/12/05: R7 from British isles Insert straw here

12/11/05: Nikki from Raises eyebrow… so it was you!

12/10/05: danny roberts from Suffolk we did sutin liek this the other day, we took the please use other door signs off and put them on the working door and jammed it shut, they lost a few customers before they realised ppl inside couldnt get out!! :)

12/10/05: that person from that place that is sooooo funny! oh my gosh, i am still laughing and i will be for the next six years!

12/10/05: Mrs. McKenzie from Canadia Nice! I’m soooo gonna try something like that for Booger King! I can’t do it @ McDonalds cuz my friend’s mommy works there…and Booger King is more evil, except the Star Wars watches…I need a life… :)

12/10/05: sally from boston toooooooooooo fuckin looooooooooooooong

12/09/05: michael from sarasota dud-tha fuckin’ rocks — do more!!!!

12/09/05: chris from canada dude where is says than you make some wodden thing that says fuck you itd be the funniest shit ever

12/08/05: Backdraft from Canada Thats fuckin funny….but you’re a loser

12/08/05: sophie from nj You’re McAwesome

12/08/05: Jessie from Ohio That’s too funny… too bad they took down the entire sign you could have had a lot more fun with it then!

12/08/05: Bob from Australia UR FUNNY DUDE!!!!

12/08/05: Ps2rox3 from Australia OMFG that is so funny! Keep up the good work!

12/07/05: cj from oklahoma tat was dog gone funny to bad people who actualy got cheesbugers didnt get to see it

12/07/05: rockermom3 from nc lol… i like that you posted the phone call to mcdonalds… nice..

12/07/05: myke from ure mom, uh *claps* well done, well done

12/07/05: chelsea from oregon hahahaha i though this prank was esspecially funny cuz i worked at a mcdonalds for a short period,i wish u would have done it to the store id done it at :)

12/06/05: Breanna from hell LOVE your work!! I bow to you !! lol jk! but great job!!

12/06/05: You fucking from Morons man you made an entire blog out of something so lame as that? the sign sucked, the joke was shit, and you even ring up the manager as you are so insecure that your joke is shit (and it is) you need the manager to affirm it so you can sleep better! you are truly a bunch of cunts. Make a sign stick it up end of story dont write a fucking book you morons!

12/06/05: Pale Romanticide from England Awesome!!

12/06/05: winniepooh_hunni from non ov ur bisness Great work, really funny stuff. I’ll check it out again.

12/06/05: Chad-Edward from Indiana Hilarious! I’m sure you can do some things with the new sign, use your imagination.

12/06/05: Silv from California Oh man, that’s so awesome! Too bad they got taken down!

12/05/05: Mac from Lancaster, California I need to try this around here

12/05/05: Ryan from Scotland is that meant to be funny??? i didnt find it funny

12/05/05: Nick J from Birmimgham, AL Excellent!

12/05/05: ria from cali Thank you!! I’m a vegetarian, and hate coorperate, this is exactly what needed to happen to them for trying to turn everyone into drones!! I want to do something similiar to all fast food chains here.

12/05/05: citadel from new port richey, florida i thought that it was ok but i actually am working at a mcdonalds and when people do stupid things it really sucks beacuse we have to take care of it and it just the mcds i work at theres a manacin whos pants are ALWAYS mysteriously falling down.

12/04/05: dudedude from somewhere lololololololololololololol

12/04/05: bill from belfast your a loser with no friends not even ur mum

12/04/05: James L. from Concord, VA Nice one, bro, but apparently they don’t have a sense of humor

12/04/05: Valerie from Longmont, Colorado Thats great. I love that so much I think you should keep doing that on other Mcdonalds signs just to piss them off!!!

12/04/05: shaadows in the night (or just sitn) from ep It has been soo long since some one did something like this. I truly compliment on this. two thumbs up!! :-)

12/03/05: Eric from Tennessee NICE! lolerz bitchez

12/03/05: Liz from PA HAHA..this was so funny….the fatty thing was a little mean, but the rest of it was hysterical, :-D.

12/03/05: Mandi` from SD McDonalds SUCKS but the food is good

12/03/05: Chelsea from England Loser!! thats sad.get a freakin life u idiot

12/03/05: Robyn from Warrington, England I loved this prank, and I agree with the guy who reckons you should put up emoticons on the yellow sign. Hehehe…….delicious……

12/03/05: emily from ny rock on!

12/03/05: JiggyJew from AK How dare you!? How can you piss all over the name of America’s most enduring gift to the world, McDonald’s? This souless, greasy corporation has tried it’s damndest to spread the word of capitalising off of the appatites of fat assholes for quite some time, since before you were born, and to defile them, well, that’s just wrong. May your first day in Hell be a thousand years, and may it be the shortest. PS

12/02/05: loco flit from bonny scotland very funny. im mailing this to a few freinds

12/02/05: that funny girl from Europe muhahaha. you gave me a great fun.btw how old you were?

12/01/05: mad hatter from seattle well you no what would have been a funny sign , WARNING you are now entering mc donalds please exit with caution (well i think it wold have been funny)

11/30/05: Asa from Nacogdoches TX Ive seen some good pranks in my time(as a sign vandalizer)but thats prolly the best…we should get together and have some fun!>TheAsa

11/30/05: tyu from everywhere cut down on cursing 4 kids sake

11/30/05: Merilee from Lewiston Idaho MORE YES OH BABY MORE MORE mama likey! i never laughed so hard!!!!

11/30/05: moonlight from Indiana that was funny ass story I would never think of doing that. Then you called them classic

11/29/05: Kirsty from New Zealand Hee hee hee

11/29/05: Morgan from Monroe, Washington Truly inspirational.

11/28/05: Nina from Watertown, South Dakota Omg, that was freakin genious!

11/28/05: Kirsty from New Zealand That was fucking funny!!!!! You made my day. Keep up the immature pranks. Peace.

11/28/05: Reid from iowa well, you’re insane, to say the least. I would have gone with the star wars one, but what you did was pretty darn funny. I really wish the turn left one would have been seen. I would have laughed my McAss off.

11/28/05: danette from houston funny, but do you have a life?

11/28/05: Poop!!!11 from hahahhahhhaha ahha ahha h i think a good sign would have been

11/27/05: Alison from Ont your a McHomo

11/27/05: Emilly from NJ Thats so McFunny! I think thats really funny and smart of u 2 do that. I wouldnt do that, but it was nice to read how someone changed MD,

11/27/05: breanna from lebanon, mo i think u should have put somting funny up but i loved the call

11/27/05: aaron from australia good prank im surprised how far u went with it, if they dusted it for prints u would have been buggard =O

11/27/05: molly from australia haha good on ya…stick it to the man

11/26/05: Lizzie from California Haha thats great, sounds like fun! I enjoyed hearing about it haha, :)

11/26/05: Pauly-123 from Georgia This was the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while. It’s sad because I was thinking, about how you guys have no lives, whatsoever. Although, I was also thinking about how jealous I was not to think about soing this, and I would do the sname thing. Lmao, this was great.

11/26/05: Sccrgrl from USA That was a funny prank! I’m surprised you actually got away with it! Be glad you didn’t get arrested!!!!!

11/26/05: TOTAL IDIOT from corinth you are a genius and we are following in your footsteps

11/26/05: Nyssa from Indiana I was a employee at a McDonalds for a few days and They have little sense of humor and I’m surprised that they even noticed the sign.

11/26/05: Ray from PA Awesome prank dude. I was laughing the whole time.

11/26/05: jake up from never land ranch Great job.. anyone who leaves bad comments about this has no sense of hum,awesome

11/26/05: Morgoth from Middle earth fucking mint, do the remembrance one, that was great…. the whole idea was pure genius (yew should write a book, 10 ways to waste your and someone else’s time)

11/26/05: Spanky from Leprachaun Land Fucking BRILLIANT! I’m gonna try that at my local McD’s some weekend.

11/26/05: mini blond elf from The Universe WHY DIDN’T YOU DO ROY THE GIRBAL YOU NUNCHES

11/26/05: bobert from lactionsville that is a xtremely tasteless joke, far to long winded, and u obviously need to get a girl. If I find u i will eat ur childer! good day! (by the way my number is 0877555921xxx)

11/26/05: Daniel from england i wont be surprised if i saw a child playing on a replaced wooden stand of a mcdonalds sign

11/26/05: Daniel from england the fatty one and roy the gerbil is dead humerous

11/26/05: Angela from Scotland WOW that is just classic GREAT

11/26/05: Keisha from england what does this make- stale bread, a half dead rat and a 4 week old gherkin?????????

11/26/05: Keisha from England! This prank was so great, the bestyou would get over here is someone throwin a dirrtyburger at a sign.

11/26/05: Cameron from Alabama Yes that is wonderful. It does remind me of when a friend and I (we were nic-named Streak and Doodle in high school) relettered one of those signs with removable letters on them

11/26/05: Alaura from New York You guys are awesome. The end.

11/25/05: Julie from Mississippi Found this site on, and it’s marvelous. Great pranks and I would never have the guts to do it either. I really hope you do more! :)

11/25/05: stocha from bellevue, NE I actually work at a McDonald’s and I thought this prank was too funny for words. If someone in my area would like to do the same thing for us, that’d be great, just so my managers would get a laugh out of something (they don’t find my jokes to funny.)

11/25/05: abbey from fl keep coming up with new pranks because you are genuis

11/25/05: abbey from fl holy crap you’re brilliant!!!!!!!!! and youve inspired me

11/25/05: Lizzy from Oklahoma Way to go! That was pure genius…that phone call was freakin funny *down w/ McDonalds*

11/25/05: Rebecca from Va Holy fuck that phone call is hilarious. I found it on theres actually a sign exactly like the old one by my house! teehee… maybe ill get brave one day…. and just stop by there… only i need and overhead, some plywood, paint, and the time to do it… but i can dream!!

11/25/05: brit from canada best prank ive ever heard and seen! way to go! thats was sweet.

11/25/05: Mandolyn from Colorado That’s so fricken funny and totally harmless.I will think about this for future pranks…

11/25/05: Spanky from California Your a flippin genious. I love you truely. I would never have the guts to do that. Your too awesome.

11/25/05: Jessica from Mids, UK You should’ve done the one with the “Stop taking down my signs &c” that would’ve been cool. But great work! I love it

11/25/05: ginger from bullox i agree with daveyboy, setting fire to your mum would be such a laugh!! I think we should do it!!

11/25/05: Rebecca *pickles from bradford,ont,canada woops my last name is actually pickles hehe

11/25/05: Rebecca Pickled from bradford,ontario,canada lol nice very long tho but anyway u sound really hott hey if u wanna get in touch my email is

11/25/05: daveyboy from derby, england not in the least bit funny saddo. In fact its shite and i may hunt you down and eat your kids while setting fire to your mum….now thats funny, you prick!!

11/25/05: nonyabusiness from yurbutt omgaa that was hilarious …i still think u shuld have used the sexual plaesure sign that would have been funny!good work guys!

11/25/05: Drew from Sackville NS Canada OMG This made my day that phone call was damn funny , this has to be the greatest thing ive seen in a long time, Great job

11/25/05: Master Rex from Oradell, New Jersey That was really awsome + funny! Those bitches don’t know anything about those pranks!

11/25/05: Joe from Austin, Minnisota Man I use to work for McShizitty, thanks so much! I hate McCrapcorp soo much, this makes my day. You rule man.

11/25/05: Nettie from Minnesota I know a ton of fatties that go to McD’s… HAHAHAHA! You’re so funny :) P.S. The MP3 phone call didn’t work for me!!!!

11/25/05: Sydney from New Mexico Thats Hillarious…but a great ending would have been putting your welcome over the new sign… but that was a great prank any how.

11/25/05: rosie from manchester so funny…you are my hero. way to kill the manager’s spirit!

11/25/05: chelsea from boston haha i was reading the other posts and u should definitly put thank you fatty on the sign haha ur prank was awsome!

11/25/05: alex from cincinnati haha that was hilarious! especially the call you should definitly do it again it would b so funny

11/25/05: computergeeq from xbox land that was so funny!!! do it again!!!

11/25/05: Leon from London mildly amusing, but really for all that effort, please get a life!

11/25/05: Charlene from Rhode Island that was effihn sweet man… I agreewith them, do it again!11111111

11/25/05: chester from wales thats one of the funniest things ive ever seen, you should do it with the new sign

11/25/05: BeenZ from London That prank was totally wicked. Definitely do it again to the new sign!

11/25/05: Gaz aka Mantis from Manchester Uk I work at bloody mcdonalds and id like to say on behalf of everyone who works there that this prank was fecking brilliant. I wish they had some stuff like that at our store to piss the manages off

11/25/05: keza bear from up a monkey’s ass you guys are wicked! how did you come up wit that prank?! you guys kick ass!

11/25/05: steph from scotland Outstanding!!!!! ive done a bit of sign theivery myself but this is most excelent well done ;-)

11/25/05: Jess from australia HALARIOUS!! i loved it gud work!! lmao

11/25/05: Shane from Plano Tx “Spank You” would fit quite nicely :)

11/24/05: TKY from Garden of SIN Hey, even if the manager really didn’t find it funny, I bet the other employees found it funny!

11/24/05: Jules from Oregon How about a Wal-Mart “smiley face” on that new yellow circle sign they have now?

11/22/05: tom from sunderland, England Fantastic work fellas! Hurrah for fully grown adults who should know better!

11/22/05: Adrianne from CAnada Funny that there’s enough room there to put “fatty” at the end of “thank you” *cough*

11/22/05: Gawain from Netherlands Haha, totally rad xD

11/21/05: Sarah from Liverpool, UK This had me laughing so hard, I love it!!!

11/21/05: Brian from NJ I loved it. Too funny.

11/21/05: Lauren from Cambridge Totally fabulous! ‘Come on, you thought it was funny!’ She so did! I would love to help with any future pranks!

11/21/05: alan from london first class ;-)

11/21/05: Johan from Sweden excellent joke…Love it… =)

11/21/05: jack cracker from ontario, toronoto Great, worked at mcdicks for 2 years and this is the funniest.

11/20/05: Nick from Pasadena, CA USA The phone call was pure brilliance!

11/20/05: Marc from Newcastle, UK absolutely brilliant!! well done folks what a great idea!!

11/20/05: ChilliP from Glasgow UK Absolute Quality

11/20/05: GMAC from Wales Pure class :D

11/20/05: Geordie from Birmingham, England Brilliant!

11/20/05: Tee_Bag from Ontario, Canada Pure jokes…. Great Job…. LOVE IT!!!

11/19/05: Elizabeth from Canada Clap….clap …clap…..Love it!!!!….next time use the same type font….(signmaker)…..

11/19/05: M R from London Brilliant! Makes me wanna go to a Maccy D near me and do something similar with a group of mates

11/19/05: Dave C from Bedford UK well done

11/19/05: The Jannie from England Why do McD take themselves so seriously? Loved it!

11/19/05: Fluffy, the destroyer of worlds from The Moon That is totally cool! Go you!

11/19/05: Marco from Plymouth UK ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! excellent! go for KFC next

11/19/05: Mike from Wisconson, USA The call is the best. I can’t believe you believed you for so long.

11/18/05: ezchile from uk Pls do it again… seems even easier to do

11/18/05: Madmum from Hertfordshire UK Good on you, I wonder what fast fod chain you can target next! Keep us informed I lve a good giggle!

11/18/05: stickers from Edinburgh, UK Most excellent. I salute you, sir.

11/18/05: mogun from london , GB this is good work, i am pleased with you. please keep up the subversive art activity. all the best

11/18/05: Simon from England Well done! What about Vegas hotel signs… ‘playing tonite

11/18/05: JMT from Nevanda I thought this was funny as hell. Reminds me of pranks we used to do.

11/14/05: Dr Insanity from Broward Florida Extremely funny! We should all do this to our local McD’s! We should also have a seprate website for it too! :D

11/12/05: Twist from CAL/707 That’s awsome, I knew I came back to life for a good reason.

11/12/05: Xploit from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Excellent Work! Your next sign should deface the campaign signs of local politicians… too easy >:-))

11/08/05: Greg from Michigan Well, i was looking for ways to get out of working at mcdonalds.. (i work there sigh) and ur site came up on google.. I ended up reading the whole thing.. funny stuff.. I have some prank phone calls i can show you.. pretty good ones.. email me

11/06/05: Patty from Mississippi Funny as hell! I’ll look forward to the next sign.

11/04/05: Britt from Florida omg, that is soo great ill have to try that with the local mc d

11/02/05: Ed from Scotland hehehe there is fun left in the world of corporate madness how nice to see and ofcourse funny too

10/31/05: Mitch from London LOL that is so good

10/30/05: General Phreak from area 51 I know it doesnt have anything to do with Mcd’s but the sign sholud have read ” Screw the phone company, phreaking rules!” HA!HA!

10/28/05: Hart from Portland Oregon Good culturejamming. But why also spend money at one of the worst corporations in the world? Stop McWalmart. Buy Local!

10/28/05: Nhi from Finland, Oulu Man, that was like the funniest prank ever.

10/28/05: amanda from stony plain Hilarious. You effin rule.

10/27/05: Mike` from Delta, BC, Canada Thas was the funniest prank ever to bad it didnt last

10/26/05: C. from Texas That was some funny sh*t, man! I agree with the dude down there, there SHOULD be more people pulling pranks like that, the world DOES need to lighten up! Anyway, thanks for the laughs!

10/25/05: Josh from Mt Gambier, South Austral WHERE DO YOU GET THE RADIO-FREQUENCY HIJACKERS FROM???? Funny

10/25/05: Kristin from Randolph, NJ fuckin’ hilarious!… Did you get in any kind of trouble for that? More & more americans should pull simple pranks like that so that we aren’t so up tight! LOL, plus it would make my day to see a sign like that in a public place… especially the one about turning before you hit the sign…

10/24/05: Christelle from Montreal, Qc, Canada Wow… You’re pretty gutsy… Great work on that… :) I loved the phonecall big finale too!

10/23/05: Mike from Richmond, VA Thank you for one of the funniest things that I have seen on the net. You MUST do something to the new sign.


10/21/05: charlie from L.A. a bit stupid to tell them you did it,but other wise super!

10/16/05: McEmployee from Mcdonalds Ladera Ranch

10/10/05: exMcemployee from ky great prank dude! i really didn’t like working there anyway.

10/08/05: Sook from San Fran How about a sign with extremely low prices that they would be asked to honor? Something like BIG MAC, FRIES, & DRINK SPECIAL

10/08/05: jyenem from california that was brilliant. that was a lot of effort you put into it. keep it up! (sidenote

10/02/05: hipokondriak from Brentwood (England) cool idea. This is one to be follwed up over here. This would really wind them up. Mind you over here they have “observation” cameras everywhere which makes it more interesting an idea.

10/01/05: Floofy from 505 Ever since I’ve first read this, I’ve been eeping my eye out for signs that would be easy to modify. The PLA has been puting a smile on my face for years now…

09/30/05: Bart from Top O’Yer Ma Pretty lame, Milhouse.

09/30/05: kurt from philadelphia mcdonalds sucks, way to stick it to them

: from

09/28/05: Grey_Sophia from The Tulies This whole prank was classic!

09/28/05: kryptoponix from Florida Very Amusing! I am a disgruntled ex-Burger King employee. I have a plan. I have been a longtime reader and follower of PLA. I still despise BK and want to follow this idea with a squeal. RBCP, look for an email

09/28/05: Brynn from indiana SO FUNNY MAN!! PHONE CALL AND ALL!! LOVES IT!

09/27/05: MP from Spokane Wow! I just got back

09/27/05: RYAN from Hunters Point,SF I think it wast funny you just seemed to have aken alot of time on it you might as well have put “McDonalds glad you like our jew burgers”

09/26/05: KarenDawn from Baltimore, MD Loved it. Laughed while reading the whole account… but if Brian

09/25/05: Brian from Battle Creek, Michigan No, No.. That was very immature. I mean funny of course, I laughed hard, but seriously, how old are you? I am a Manager of McDonald’s and that’s very stupid. Grow Up!

09/24/05: jones cocain from f Mc13370!

09/24/05: Lauren from U.S.A. That was Mc Hilarious!!!!

09/22/05: davedave from sheffield england originality and a godlike sense of humour. i salute you.

09/18/05: Hermione from adelaide australia yo yo man!!!i rekon the mac donalds sign thing was so fukn wicked!!!!! i am so gonna try that here!!! thatx 4 da idea man!!! luv ya

09/18/05: Al from Australia hey i thought your sign was really funny, i liked the fatty one, keep it up, there are many more signs around to spoil

09/17/05: Stupendous S. from S. Florida You’d better be careful! They’ll probably use their McProfits to catch you on camera.

09/17/05: deadstatue from ariona pretty damn funny,dont give up just yet though,equip new signs in front of mcdonalds with burger king logos!!!!

09/14/05: Fred from Europe You definitly should tag the new sign. Just make it as polite as it is now! Doesn’t have to be text, it could be some funny picture..

09/12/05: RONNY from PACIFIC NORTHWEST This shit is just too phreakin new favorite website… NEXT PROJECT PLEASE…….

09/12/05: Denny from Houston, TX McMother-Fucker! That shit is McHilarious!!! Go to Wallmart and get the yellow posterboard!!!

09/12/05: new burger (McMother and cheese) from McDonald’s Im sure theres more briliant ideas that are hiding in that mastermind head of yours, please use them and put them on the site, I couldnt stop laughing… its been a couple weeks since first time i read it and im still laughing

09/11/05: Chelsie from Indiana That was absolutely histerical! I think the Head Cheeseburger probably really thought it was funny

09/11/05: Tom in Tacoma from Tacoma, WA Thanks man

09/07/05: me from portland OR AWSOME that was great you will go down in history….totally your awsome. i think im going to do that to my local MD… should do one last sighn a really funny one.

09/06/05: ladystarlight from US Absolutely hilarious.

09/03/05: sophia from land of “i’m lovin it” at first it was a little funny than i could tell that you had way too much time on your hands maybe you should fill out an application its not too late to learn something that may change your life

09/03/05: sam from spokane wa Fucking Rad, take the corporate machine down, take them fuckers down!

09/01/05: Matt Dwyer from Indiana That is an awesome prank. You should have done the gratifaction one by Moose-Alini. That one would have been up for a long time i bet. Anyway, good job.

09/01/05: UrGod from UK get some yellow sticky back plastic instead its much easier oh and gratification actually is a real word take it

09/01/05: babynut from uk You complete ledgend

08/31/05: Johnnycool from houston wow, that was amazing. reading this link was the highlight of my week

08/31/05: Seth from Wisconsin Oh man, I was laughing so hard throughout the entire phone call. You must replace the new sign! It would so funny. Nice job with the prank, MUST DO IT AGAIN!

08/30/05: the_toad from bowels of hell i love the phone call

08/29/05: Sarah from gangstaville I may love you. I am so doing that when I learn how to use a saw.

08/29/05: WB from Philly You mchave a lot of mcfree mctime on your mchands

08/29/05: Kim from Fort Worth, TX go get the yellow posterboard ;-)

08/29/05: rungmc from Alberta great prank, with thorough followup; and nicely documented for us to enjoy too!!

08/29/05: JMS from Chicago, IL You GOTTA tag the new sign. It’s just TOO inviting. And besides, they didn’t even have enough of a sense of humor to admit that they thought the last gag was funny…

08/28/05: TimP from Bangor, PA the sign prank is one of the funniest things i’ve read in a while, and the phonecall was hilarious. Thanks so much for making my day

08/28/05: Rache from California Thanks for taking so much time to give people a laugh. I would have cracked up had i seen it. Lets hope you inspire someone in my area!

08/27/05: Steve from Florida Damn, to bad I wasn’t near that location, would be nice to take a pic and show it off :) MAKE ANOTHER ONE!!!!

08/27/05: Hank from NC The time and costs involved is what makes this so beautiful. Keep up the good work. The Underground Counterculture still needs a few good men.

08/26/05: Sam from Wisconsin Great prank, I wish my McDonald’s had a sign like that. PLEASE…please…do the new sign! Haha…

08/26/05: OV from Ohio Thanks, I’m hungry now!

08/25/05: Allison from Texas Oooh I want to do this now!!!

08/25/05: Steve from Canada You gotta keep doing this! exellent work!!!

08/25/05: watch-this-space from England Fantastic, wish i’d had the idea. Better than super glueing cornflake packets to shelves.

08/25/05: bean from ireland get a life!

08/24/05: Val from TX haha very nice prank, i enjoyed every bit of it!

08/24/05: CJ from BC At first I thought your prank was funny. But the more I read, the more repetitive and boring it got (and the more apparent it became that you thought you were brilliant, which is also kind of annoying) and then the phone call….it must be nice to have that much spare time.

08/24/05: Ed from UK The phone conversation is great! “We didn’t think it was funny” “I did” Hah hah HAH!

08/24/05: Adam from Illinois Based on what the manager said, they never saw the undersign; perhaps doing that would have been better as it was the main purpose and it never even got out. Maybe try it on the new one

08/24/05: Doug from Missouri Maybe you could do gas pumps next…

08/24/05: scott brown from uk you gotta do the new sign! hell yeah

08/24/05: mazdaboy1974 from arkansas That was funny (being a Ex employee of mc natzis)

08/24/05: Josh from California Screw the fatties, Redo the Yellow Sign!!! Hilarity will insue!

08/23/05: Roy from District of Columbia You totally have to redo the round yellow sign

08/23/05: Chris from DAllas man thats is the most funny crap i have seen great job

08/23/05: Sam from LA Man, this was AWESOME!!

08/23/05: Alex from ks do it again, you have to man, thats awsome

08/23/05: CJ from Omaha, Ne Hell YA!!! Keep up the good work.

08/23/05: JJ from San Antonio, TX New yellow sign that reads “Suck it, Trebek!”

08/23/05: SuperSean from Quito ECUADOR Too funny.. great site! I like John

08/23/05: Scott from Tucson, AZ You should make a yellow sign that says, “Hi, it’s me again…”

08/23/05: Gort from Alpha Centauri I’d like to hire you to teach humor to my people. We are a race that doesn’t understand humor.

08/23/05: Washu_chan from Low earth orbit I think it would be even funnier to hack the LCD display on the order sign or the scrolling markee signs they sometimes have.

08/23/05: Douglas from Oklahoma Funny stuff, just REALLY funny stuff

08/23/05: Mike from Canada Awesome job man, nice touch aswell with the phone call aswell ;).

08/23/05: Jorge from Miami Hey, this is the funniest practical joke I have ever read, the McSign returns would be a nice opener, keep up the great work…

08/23/05: Randall from Ohio This is one of the funniest pranks I’ve seen! haha

08/21/05: Cow from Florida Meh, it was OK, but not the best prank I’ve seen. I still like’s pranks better

08/18/05: Cathy from PA I think this is the funniest prank I have ever read about. I’ve shown all my friends and still laugh so hard that I cry every time I read this! It’s the McFunniest!

08/18/05: John from Japan Some of the funniest shit I have ever seen on the net

08/18/05: Mike from Seattle I whole-heartedly approve

08/17/05: mark wilson from Ontario, Canada wow! That was the best thing I’ve seen on the internet

08/11/05: jack from naperville IL tonight me and my friends had a megafone and we hid behind the drivethrough boxes in the bushes and took peoples orders but messed around with them a ton. we stirred up tons of havoc for a good half hour until a few managers caught on and chased us

08/04/05: captian poopy pants from post falls your stupid

08/03/05: rds from USA That was a super prank!!!

07/31/05: cvr from VA HAHAHAHA funny stuff

07/30/05: doorman from somewhere that was funny as hell

07/30/05: iclicpics from charlotte, nc the perfect prank, no harm done, probably put a smile on many faces!

07/28/05: me from here(earth)…or am i???? that was pretty Mcfunny good luck with te new Mcsign

07/28/05: Danizzy from USA That was really retarded how you put one sign over the other. The sayings on the signs were’nt even that funny.

07/27/05: Brut0n from U ov K omgstfu ur sucha jowka!

07/25/05: Tabor from chicago You have to keep doing this. Maybe not with McDonalds but other corporations. This page makes me want to go pull some prank on some jackass corp. Keep at it

07/24/05: Desaa from Reno NV Oh MY GOD YES I SO NEED TO DO THIS! AWESOME!!

07/21/05: mairzy from washington I LAUGHED SO HARD! I wish you knew someone who worked at the McDonalds, so you could have learned the inside scoop…

07/21/05: william.h.jackson from coventry RI dude those pranks on mc donalds were awsome do more please that shts funny

07/21/05: Cindy from North Carolina This was so funny. You are not only very inventive but also very brave. I listened to the phone conversation and the manager had a light hearted tone to her voice when she was talking to you and I beleive that is why she hung up on you because she did think it was funny. I am glad I came across this site by a search engine, I will definitely be checking back by often to see what you do next. Very funny!!!!!!!

07/20/05: B from Georgia Pretty clever…atleast you didn’t just steal the sign like some stupid douche bag…way to think outside the box

07/20/05: Aaron from Pennsylvaina son of a bitch, hit enter by accident, anyway pretty lame dude if ur gonna take the chance of gettin caught make it worth ur while, i’d take the whole new sign

07/20/05: lance from california nice work, way to go the extra mile

07/20/05: kyle from buffalo, ny perfectly done, that made my day to read it!

07/20/05: Johan J from Helsingborg, Sweden Something like this I wan’t to do all the time! Please do it (similar stuff) again…


07/20/05: stefanie from nyc wow you guys really need lives

07/20/05: Nick from Ky You maka me laugh! Funny like eggroll!

07/20/05: jim from ontario great prank but you gotta finish it off . write “thats right i did it”

07/20/05: John from Raleigh,NC That is freaking hilarious

07/20/05: Stacy from Spain On the new hip sign, make it simple, just a friendly “Die.” Thats all though. No smiley face or anything.

07/20/05: Brit from Cocoa, FL Haha, I work at MD’s and that’s awesome

07/20/05: Price from yoCa Your my effing hero man.

07/19/05: Ron Mexico from ATL Sweeeeeeeeet!!!!!!!

07/19/05: mack from usa Lard ass!

07/19/05: Troy from San Diego Beautiful! I am sorry it did not last longer!

07/19/05: will from ny hehe awesome, you should put a puking smiley face in place of the yellow thankyou sign and write “Super Size Me” (after that documentary) along the pole

07/19/05: Brandon from New Jersey Dude that was so hilarious. im still laughing. and thinking about doing something like that myself :) Good job.

07/19/05: rj from nj we’ve been doin the same kinda stuff by us. we never call them about though. thats so great. never give up.

07/19/05: Mike from VA Absolutely hilarious!!

07/15/05: U.C.O.M.P.C.R.A.S.H. from Tallahassee, FL Do you live in Duram(?) North Carolina? Cause I was at McDonalds this morning and they have that same sign in the same place and theres a Sonic & a Taco Bell across the street just like in your pictures……….

07/14/05: FireGuy54343 from ocala, fl great job u should do the other sign they put up and start of with one that says “im back” or somthing just to see how long it will stay up!

07/05/05: Browserbo from Macon, Ga Excellent!

07/04/05: iqtech from Nowhere, Texas This was one hell of a funny prank. However

07/02/05: bannaphonnne from Chicago Hehe, nice work. Inspiring, and I hope you get around to doing more stuff. Go you~

06/23/05: Laura from Candyland I odnt know where you get these ideas but it is funny i think you should keep messing w/ them untill people get real agrivated or try it at another mcdonalds lol you are funny!!

06/20/05: Natalie from Orlando Florida Iwork at micky dee’s and I have to say it sounds like you people don’t like McDonalds but why when you eat there so much??????

06/20/05: Aufbeschissner Kunde from Vereinigten Staaten On that yellow “Thankyou sign” you ought to put up emoticons.

05/29/05: reeto from whitehorse if u ever see the try hugs not drugs bear keep on kicken him in the ass

05/23/05: Dave from Cali Great Job! It reminded me of when a friend and I climbed up the ladder onto the roof of our local Mc Donalds and evenly placed about 2 cases of empty beer bottles around the outside ledge of the roof. The last empty we super glued to the right hand of the Ronald Mc Donald statue in front of the store. Ronald had his right hand up about head high as if he was waving to oncoming traffic, but for a day and a half he looked to be sayning “party on” while he held his empty beer bottle high and proud

04/06/05: Hoyt from NY It sounds like you go to McDonald’s way to fucking much

04/05/05: Josh from MI I’m a 21 yr. old McManager & I have to admit, it’s awfully tempting not to do some of this stuff to my own crew & Head Managers…we’ll see =)

03/30/05: leslie from mo im a store mcmanager, and i found this prank halirous, just dont do it to me. If you would have called me and told me hat you were the ones that did hat i would have lauged my a** off with you. i cannt wait to my employees about this.

03/23/05: concorn from USA i’m a “head mcmanager” of a mcdonald’s and i enjoy telling my employees about this prank. my heart was racing when you told that lady who you really were

03/19/05: SHARP from Denmark That was fucking hillarious, I’m getting all inspired here, think I’m gonna drop by my local McDeath and do some recon. Great work guys. :o)

03/13/05: Indy from Juno How about changing the new sign to “Spank You”

03/12/05: Nathan from Ohio haha, that was awesome… good work.

03/07/05: Bruce from WV First, FUCK YOU–MIKE D.

03/02/05: Mike. D from Fort Collins CO That was the lamest shit ever, you dumb fucker

02/24/05: Natalie from Ohio Excellent! You should use your skills to make documentaries. I would definitly watch them.

02/24/05: tammy from ohio That is the most amazing prank i have ever seen! good job but stay out of trouble lol

02/23/05: steve from VA Next target

02/16/05: john from pa How about changing the new “Thank You” very subtly, to “Think, you.” Not vulgar or rude, just enough to make people say, “Huh?”

02/11/05: Mike from England inspired by your efforts I mad a small sign with a McDonalds logo reading “This man sucks cocks” and stuck it onto the front of the drive through window while I was waiting for my burger. It stayed up for 3 days, none of the staff could realise why all the customers were laughing at them.

02/07/05: john from south carolina usa i work at mcds and i love it we have had people do this to us but ther]

01/31/05: Kim from Indiana Great stuff….it gives me ideas!….Maybe I should contact the news about it too.

01/18/05: Mark Rodgers from New Zealand Excellent :-) That reminds me of years ago when we stuck things up the top of a 130 foot tree … Give Way Sign, Toilet Seat, old TV! The tree started down at the river, but you could clearly see all the stuff at the top of the tree, when driving over the bridge along side. It got into the local newspaper, with photo :-)

12/31/04: Lia from Spain Right, I’ve drawn the logo, now what should I do underneath it guys/gals?

12/31/04: Lia from Spain I’m starting mine now, I just got to find a sign to trace. This is going to be fun :D

12/31/04: Gringo from New Hampshire Next time I will supply the sign!

12/30/04: Lia from Spain I think I might do that…. :D Wicked prank! Please do it again on the new sign!!

12/30/04: Not For You To Know from Why Is It You’re So Nosey what sign?

12/27/04: Destiny from California That was awesome!

12/18/04: Killer K from Garfield hts. hey it’s PHATTY not fatty lmao

12/18/04: Killer K a.K.a. BADASS ARMY GRRL from Cleveland, Oh Look I played some evil tricks in basic training on my fellow soldiers,lol. But this is freakin funnier then hell. My friends and I work at the wonderful “Quaker Steak&Lube” or like I call it “Quaker Steak and dick” Lmao, well all of us hang out and prank call restaurants, but my supervisor Rich called a place and told the manager employees were spitting in food and not using gloves. Then he went further and told him he was calling our local news lol.

12/17/04: Da from Pimp That’s freakin’ awesome.

12/09/04: Mo from Dunedin GREAT PRANK

12/04/04: Brett from Indiana As many various pranks that I have pulled around town, that is by far the funniest thing I have heard. I now feel challenged to do something on-par or better than that. I will deffinately post it on the net if I do.

11/30/04: Beeker from Chicago Can’t wait to see more.

11/30/04: Beeker from Chicago “Thank you, fatty” ?

11/30/04: Digital Overlord from Texas On the new sign, instead of “Thank You” you could have it read “Piss Off” …. hehehe.. Cool article.

11/29/04: Dr. Who from Oswego YOU ARE GODDAMNED AWESOME


11/21/04: Graham from F**k you im frm Pa. thats hilarious… much enjoyment reading it

11/18/04: Olly from London Shame about the sign-under-a-sign trick not working, it would have been funny to put the sign up again.

11/16/04: r3in from Alberta,Canada That was fucking awesome, keep up the good work

11/03/04: Horst from Hamburg, Germany I love the McDonalds prank. You represent the positive side of the USA

07/10/04: Emu* from England I love you! I dont even know if there is anyone as mad (But cool!) as you! Keep it up, I love reading all the funniest stuff you do!

07/08/04: Peter from far far away Talkabout T5725 to be exact…

07/08/04: Peter from far far away Are you able to dial into frequencies using a Motorola Talkabout radio?

07/03/04: chris from Spain what happened with the signs?

07/03/04: rider from US lmao, thats awesome.


06/28/04: SilentBob from FCC tr1n1ty158, That radio will not work for what we are discusing, since it won’t cover the 2 meter range.

06/24/04: tr1n1ty158 from San antonio tx i have a radio with the following ranges, wondering what i could do… 87.5-108 mhz 520-1710 khz and 1711-30000 khz not including the 7400-9500 range email thanks

06/24/04: SilentBob from FCC Or, if you want a radio that doesn’t suck use a Yaesu mobile (FT-8800R), or a Yaesu handheld (VX-7R) if you have big balls and want to be really close and bug them.

06/23/04: Tim from Minnesota You can also torment McDonald’s by hijacking their drive-thru frequency. Most of them are on 154.600 MHz, PL 88.5. With a modified 2-meter ham radio with some whupass, like an Icom V8000 (75 watts!), you can effectively wrest control of the system

06/22/04: MSR 1 from TN I love your pranking style. I think it would be a lot better if you could use vinyl instead of having to paint it all the time, though. I am a graphic artist and you have given me all kinds of ideas for pranks. Just never thought about actually doing it though. Can’t wait to see what happens.

06/22/04: tbone from Canada IHTFP, nice hack, is it still up

06/20/04: crackkills from 1337 OMG HAX0Rz @T PL@!!!#

06/16/04: Derek from My House send me junk e-mail at

06/15/04: alex from ohio that was so funny i showed to my family and they laghed there asses off

06/14/04: Impulse from Washington hilarious man, just fuckin funny, i can learn something

06/12/04: anybody from anytown Oh mah gawd

06/10/04: Alisha from Geneva Well endowed I do not think so, jeffs would’nt gopast the second molar!

06/10/04: Bob from Virginia As a former McDonalds employee(way back when),Hahahahaha! And we joked about the Mcnuthins!!!

06/07/04: smee from Scotland ha ha ha ha where is the answer to the rest!!! GIMP

06/05/04: Rina from Australia That made my day :D

06/01/04: David McDivitt from Colorado This is some funny shit… good catch

05/29/04: rockyhere from so carolina We drove backwards thru a drive thru w/someone who drove backwards very well. He wore dark glasses. We explained that the driver didn’t see well enough to count his change. Tied to the front bumper, on both sides of the car……white canes!

05/28/04: chucho from Riverside, Califonia Ask for extra rat

05/25/04: MuRd0C KinG from Canada Mtl ReaallyNice

05/25/04: Roady from IL I eat dumpsters and throw shit at your wife, I battle with razors, I never age, I control every world…

05/20/04: Iain from England Fuckin funny mate

05/19/04: FrankieB from FL probably you should continue the hard work. youre an inspiration to children all around the u.s. !! next sign

05/19/04: Polle from Denmark, Europe Hehe, Wish I got that idea.

05/17/04: Casey from San Francisco Go man go!! Hilarious!! Hope it works…

05/16/04: Liliah Harker from Geneva Geneva manager has sex with burger king employee in mcdonalds cooler

05/16/04: Bobbi zonny from Geenva After the resturant closes in geneva jeff fucks Alisha

05/09/04: FunnyMan from Michigan you are a few thoughts short of a brain

05/09/04: Bob from Michigan funny very funny

04/22/04: me from mass Greatest thing i have ever seen

04/22/04: TrenchClone from HD BBS This is great… I am now beginning to plot out my own adventure in McDonald’s anarchy =)

04/05/04: GG13 from oregon cooooooooool!funny stuff

04/05/04: Nameless from Employee Haha that gives me some funky ideas. You guys are cool.

04/04/04: Megan from Oregon More insulting signs = More laughing! KEEP IT UP

04/03/04: Tammy from Oregon I love Roy.

03/31/04: Olly from England Very funny stuff, but where’s the update? Hmm?!

03/25/04: Em from Penn. Hahahaha. :)

03/23/04: jooky from kerry’s house scooby roo!

03/20/04: Echo2K4 from Undisclosed 2 ideas for ya

03/18/04: Raymond from Arizona Write the following on the sign and place it up, “We now provide the recipies for our menu! See the manager for details.” It would create a lot of fun for you to tape and put on PLA-TV!

03/18/04: Jenna from Sedona Very funny shit

03/16/04: Tami from the other side of the doo When do you need a driver again??? Let’s go!!

03/16/04: Mayhem__2 from Sacramento I love the Turn Left sign! That is the sort of thing I remember my brothers doing! We pass the torch with blessings and hope that sign had a good long run.

03/15/04: Josh from I’m still waiting on the sequel

03/09/04: Deb from Oregon So, what happened…is the sign still there?

03/01/04: god from hell you must post on the messege board when the sign goes down

02/25/04: James from Ohio that was an outrageous stunt you pulled. but did you get busted or something? give us an update, FREAK!

02/24/04: Helen from Silver Spring crazy ass muthafucker!!! hahaha

02/22/04: BigBepper from jersey Wait until Mickey D introduces a new food item…..then make a sign saying “Don’t try the new ………It Tastes like Shit!

02/21/04: Roscoe from your town Checkout >

02/20/04: Bryan from Conroe, TX Funny shit

02/20/04: Rick James from an LA Crackhouse I’m Rick James…bitch!

02/19/04: Necros Ihsan Nodtveidt from Ciudad de Carajo Mwuahahaha…nice, nice. Would be interesting to see IRL. Hrm… >:)

02/18/04: Macdonalds from Macdonalds you guys suck, all the people that wright on this thing are fags accept me AHAHAHAHA

02/18/04: Shana from East Alton, IL Does McDonalds sell cuppacinos?

02/18/04: SPEE from CHICAGO that takes some skill… ive done some funny shit but that… is well thoguht out! job well done

02/15/04: david from colombia hey keep it up!! that is funny non-violent stuff.. just what we need!! to laugh without the need to be extravagant!! =)

02/14/04: Kz from St. Louis That’s hilarious!!! I would’ve LOVED to see that!!!

02/14/04: Becky V. from Bohemia, New York Had a great laugh! Should try it on Long Island!

02/14/04: Sue Villamin from Seattle, Wa your pranks are so funny. I almost fell out of my chair. Keep them up

02/13/04: f00kin ninjah from wtf indiana rofl mcgriddles r da shiznit

02/13/04: Judas Iscariot from Cal’s PLA Board You hicks need to learn how to use message boards and guestbooks. YOU ONLY HAVE TO HIT “SEND” ONCE! Psssssh…..

02/13/04: Court from Hoova Awesome! Keep em comin!

02/13/04: m0ses from THUG D I E

02/13/04: your momma’s one night stand from Reno, NV this is fuckin’ great! lol!!!! Keep it up!!!

02/13/04: Howie from Michigan Hey, if you have all this time and talent on your hands, why aren’t you using it to help others instead of fucking around?

02/13/04: BL from Austrayamate For those inevitable speed cameras, there is a warning sign nearby saying “road safety cameras operate in this area” I would love to see the word “cameras” changed to camera$. Anyone game?

02/13/04: Austrayamate from Wet myself laughing. The other suggestions were great, but agree with your desire for a laugh without pissing anyone off. .. or damaging stuff for that matter. Still think the “memorial” is the best though! Keep it up!

02/12/04: Kelley from Springfield, MO So what happened??? It’s 2/12/04 … is the sign still up?

02/12/04: Locals from Wood River, IL Hey great idea! Sorry we missed the signs…It would have been a great laugh to see them up! We go to this McD’s all the time….we recognize it

02/12/04: torrnado from sandyeggo photoshop would make this so much easier…love the evil signs. “Super-sized gut…included in every Happy Meal!”

02/12/04: assho from El Paso If McD’s is trying to appeal to Black people, shouldn’t their new jingo be

02/12/04: clamydia from portland or mc_doc

02/11/04: Felonart from Purgatory, NY Livened up the night… try stealing road cones, detouring a road into a dead end street… makes for a good time

02/09/04: Lotuseater from Bywater Inspiration! bwahahaha!

02/09/04: mr_doc from nowhere haha, the funniest thing are the stupid fucking comments by haters here who are probably disgruntled McShit employees, you all need to put your heads in the fryer and go towards the light

02/09/04: Charles from Las Vegas How about, “Made

02/08/04: Nemesis from England Damn funny i’ll try it at my local

02/08/04: d2 from NJ Yeah, maybe the copyright police will come after him! :-P or the RIAA.

02/08/04: James from New York Maybe not very smart…but he risked his freedom for a hilarious prank. So maybe that makes him a hero.

02/07/04: Jo from NY if you mess with a corporation’s logo or trademark they can sue you—big time–you’re not very smart

02/06/04: LightsOut from North Carolina Damn Funny Man! Great Job! It Takes So Little To Please Some People…But Hey I am Easy To Please…Keep Up The Good Work!!!

02/06/04: pee dee from NC Mc Funny!

02/04/04: Corie Ryan from Saskatchewan I’m assuming you have the same “I’m loving it” McD commercials as we do in Canada?

02/04/04: Corie Ryan from Saskatchewan For the McD sign “Employees use own special sauce, now ‘We’re loving it'”

02/04/04: Bert from south texas dude, that’s some funny shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

02/04/04: Rucrazyme2 from Ohio Great stuff! Maybe bold print “well-indowed” ;-)!

02/03/04: Heineken from Nekenieh I stole the whopper hopper once.

02/03/04: EvilCarrot from Parts Unknown GEORGE BUSH IS A DIMWIT

01/30/04: drtysanchez from pa if the grease dont kill you the ugly faces will

01/29/04: Dirty Howie from Fort Worth I do go to McDonald’s. About twice a year. I enjoy their fries. Yes, this makes me feel guilty but fuck it. When you have a shitty life a Super sized order of fries can help calm you down.


01/29/04: Truck from arkansas That was some classic shit! Keep it up…

01/29/04: jessejames from GAMECOCKS screw u guys im goin home

01/29/04: Ronald M from The Outer Limits The sign was borderline

01/29/04: Scud from Ireland you should put “Have you noticed the lack of stray animals in out community. Enjoy your meal!”

01/28/04: Bob from Missouri Forget the wood screws . Use doublesided foam tape toe secure the new sign

01/28/04: jojo from corpus wow…yall are dumb

01/28/04: jay from saddams spider hole dude, ill be your friend if we do shit like that on a regular basis. get back to me at…oh wait, spider holes dont have internet connections…

01/28/04: Doug from CA Jeff B obviously didn’t get the joke.

01/28/04: Tony from London Maybe next time, also put a slight alteration to McDonalds spelling.. like McDolnads .. just to make them look that little bit more pathetic :)

01/28/04: Glenn from Melbourne,Australia Funny Shit, Thats given me Ideas

01/28/04: Jeff B. from Ohio Good idea, but the sign was lame, coulda came up with somthing a little bit more disturbing, its just sounds like somthing like mcdonalds would say…its hardly any differnt then what the sign already said befor. Mcdonalds is already wacky, you just gotta make it wackier. do a better sign.

01/27/04: shiznannigan from Ft.Bragg I love elaborate pranks like this… keep up the good work.

01/27/04: Brooks from Detroit We did one at Taco Hell where we put up a sign in front of the drive thru speaker that said, “We are having trouble with the speaker system. Please yell so we can hear you. Thanks, Mgt.”

01/27/04: Gaspar from Forteza This is what happened

01/27/04: McDaddy from Erie, PA I smeared dog shit all over McDonalds drive threw speakers, menus, and also on the door handles of the place

01/27/04: wesley from cleveland, ohio has already done a McDonalds prank along with many others

01/27/04: adam from MD make the new one say “free for a limitted time only all you can eat” then sue them for false advertisement youll get a big settlement lol

01/27/04: Atom from Ct. thatsone of the best i’ve seen, i like the double sign idea

01/27/04: mike hume from davis ca pork yokk

01/25/04: Captain Poop from Dallas No maturbating in the drive through. Violators may be prosecuted.

01/25/04: butt mustard from the ‘hood I love to dutch-oven myself while I masterbate.

01/24/04: Matt from San Antonio First of all, I’d just like to say, I admire you for your braveness and extreme sense of humor. Some ideas.. use some superglue, or some really strong epoxy. And do what you had said, and place multiple signs on it at once

01/24/04: jim from pensacola that was a riot! how about just putting up “not yo’ mamma’s Mickey D’s, dog”

01/24/04: cem from uk this is pretty cool. We never have anything interesting likethis where I live

01/24/04: Robert The BEAR from Northern VA (line#1) “Ever wonder why McDonald’s Fries are so ADDICTING? (line#2) After frying, we sprinkle just the right amount of seasoning. (line#3) That’s not salt in that shaker… it’s opium.

01/23/04: rishaad from mumbai , india u da shiiiit dude …. neat stuff play some more of these mofo’s and send me some idea’s too ;)

01/23/04: Robert The BEAR from Northern VA My type of sign would be, WARNING! DISGRUNTLED EMPLOYEES SPIT IN FOOD!

01/22/04: Troy from Florida I think u should make the sign with something along the lines of that dudes commet “Public service announcement

01/22/04: oswarp from mexico it was a great idea,

01/22/04: Michael from UK Excellent but remember “Measure twice, cut once”.

01/21/04: Brendan from Jamesville, NY You people have some of the best pranks that i have ever read about!!!

01/21/04: DarkDan from Tinton Falls, NJ Hahaha! This is funny! I like the “Run over this sign” one the best, but it was a good choice. Please do something like this again!

01/21/04: desertratnparker from Parker, AZ. dido on the Dr. Pepper thru the nose….great job

01/21/04: AntDub from Alameda, CA. Great stuff… We need more of this kind of thing. Keep it up!

01/20/04: Linda from El Cajon Thanks for making my day. I haven’t laughed that hard for a long time.

01/20/04: Youri from Utrecht, Holland I wish the mcd here had some funny sign :) zou geinig zijn (would be funny)

01/20/04: Vinny from Dublin well in fairness it had potential but really ya could have done a lot better ye amreicans have a weak sense of humour

01/20/04: Sara from Hattiesburg, Miss This prank couldn’t have been done any better. Too bad it only stayed up for that short time.

01/19/04: Jeremy from Wilsonville, Oregon This totally rules! I think gluing it is a grand idea

01/18/04: Chris Davies from Middleton, Wisconsin Keep up the Good Work! Viva la Revolucion!

01/18/04: MelFran from San Francisco THANKS for the Laughs!! LOVE all the thinkin that went into this!!! Remember-MEASURE!!!!

01/18/04: Marvin from Mars Sounds like fun, you Earthlings indeed do have fun out of simple things.

01/17/04: Michelle from Stockton, NY Dude you have some balls!! I love it, if you put up another sign you need to let us know!!

01/16/04: joeybean from Wisconsin one of the more interesting things I’ve read….keep us posted!

01/16/04: CAMC from WV This actually sounds like someting my brother would do. Keep up the good work

01/16/04: EagleSct from Raleigh NC I couldn’t have done better myself!! Awesome…

01/16/04: Alex from Tokyo, Japan Very interesting way to pass the time. Looking forward to more news.

01/15/04: leelee from texas hey, this is the kind of crazy shit that starts a revolution.. like on fight club. you should try it. hehe

01/15/04: karen from pennsylvania omg this is too funny!!!!!!! i am going to do that to our mcdonalds!! or make my kids do it!! lol

01/15/04: VoodoVince from Texas HellaFunny!!! Couldn’t stop laughing… wish my McDonalds had a sign like that.

01/15/04: Mystery Mouse from California Fucking HILARIOUS! I laughed so hard my Dr.Pepper came out my nose. Public service announcement

01/14/04: Tony Chliek from Sayville, New York Your a genius!

01/14/04: JEff from indiana you are the bomb fo doing that… thats the kind of harmless shit that makes me laugh my ass of if i’d have seen it….. Keep up the pranks….

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