IRC with the PLA

Here is the chat room for 2014 which has nothing to do with the rest of the content on this page but D9 and Carl Sanders insist that I put this here. Join and sai hi to us!

It’s getting these days where people are actually going out and doing constructive things rather than sit on IRC for 48 hours straight. I don’t know what this world is coming to, but to help this new breed of non-IRCers, I’ve decided to provide the world with this virtual IRC page. Here you can look at logs and learn about all the IRC channels.

I used to have up a bunch of log files but I lost them. I figured I’d share the Peachey Incident with everyone to replace all the broken log links. There are five issues of Peachey Incorporated which outline more or less what happened with a girl named peachey that happened into #rock one day. These are previously un-released files that only a few select people have seen before.

Since I’ve put these logs up, many people have asked me where is peachey today. Well, she’s still on IRC. Shortly before we started leaving her alone, she began hanging out in #new2mirc2, #new2mirc and #mirc4fun. Her nick is currently peachangl but I’ve noticed since I’ve put these up that she’s not online that often anymore. This leads me to believe that she’s changed her nick because of people reading the logs, then finding her. I can’t remember her ISP’s name, but her identd says “peach” so if you /who *peach* then you may find her. Her name description was always “.” (a period)

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  • Tannest 01 This is a log file between LogicBox and Tannest in mid 1997 when she completely went nuts on him because an IRC girl came to visit him. (I believe this was the meeting that eventually spawned System Failure. You can read more about Tannest by clicking here – she was a woman in her late 30’s dating Logicbox who was then a 17 year old high schooler. LogicBox will admit it but Tannest denies ever having anything to do with him even though everyone in the PLA/SF/TACD crowd could tell you the truth.


#adoption If Gramps in the only op in this channel, you’ve got all day to harass the poor people looking for their birth parents/children. Of course it’s not very nice, but it sure is amusing to try to convince them that your birth mother is a chimpanzee.

#alt-mmpr, #the_juice_bar These are the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Channels. They don’t care what you say about their favorite show, as long as you don’t claim to be a hacker or associated with the PLA. That usually gets you kicked on sight.

#black The people in #black don’t like to talk about gerbils. Tell them you’re going to “r0xxor the gerbil in [their] afr0” or just stutter “y0 gerbil y0” a lot.

#depressed Try to convince these people that there’s no way they could be more depressed than you. They will let you get away with saying almost anything if they think you’re really depressed.

#kkk, #kkk-spirit To not be immediately kickbanned from this channel, say something nice about the number 14. (Or is it 13?) That’s the number of words in the Klan manifesto or something. After that, you can tell them all about how you love being a black person, and that the kkk changed your life.

#mormon Here’s one place you can’t miss on DALnet. They’ll know exactly what you’re all about if you start asking them about Mormons and their sexual habits. Sometimes they’ll talk to you about it until you disgust them beyond belief.

#rap One day, #rap was convinced that it was at IRCwar with #rock. They don’t get mad, but try to explain that they’re not bad people because they like rap music. It’s mildly entertaining.

#sarah-cam This is one of those web cam channels where you can talk to a chick that sits around naked all day. The best thing about this channel is one of the channel regulars, who uses the nick Scrogg. Scrogg is certain that he owns the PLA, and that he will be solely responsible for the annhilation of such “organization”.

#teens4jesus This is a great place to come and start making references to Jesus being a homosexual. A lot of times there’s either no ops or all the ops are idling so you can last a long time here. Try using the nicks “Jesus” or “God” and you’ll get auto-kicked.

#quiltchat Join this channel and type “PLA” and you’ll get kickbanned really fast. Apparently these people don’t appreciate PLA’s humor.



No one is telling you that you should go out and utilize these ideas. Informational purposes, etc.

Find out all that you can

This is common knowledge for anyone with a lot of IRC experience, but if your mark is really stupid and put their real email address in the “email” field, you can /ctcp finger and a few seconds later you have some valuable information. Once you have their email, go looking for their personal web pages.


[Dumbshit FINGER reply]: Latoya Jackson ( Idle 146 seconds

Assuming you’ve found a real idiot, you now have your mark’s real name and email address. Try variations such as these to find their home web page:

Or, you can just visit the internet provider’s web page at Oftentimes, they have a search engine that searches their entire site. Try entering everything you know about the user–real name, irc nick…everything.

Social Engineering

After you’ve tormented your mark into crying, log on with a TOTAL different internet provider, ident (found in Mirc at file/setup/ident/uder id) and nick. Join the channel your new friend frequents and seem really sypathetic about all the misery he/she is going through. Sometimes it only takes a few hours to extract really personal information out of someone, if you’re clever enough.

Dammit, they changed their nick

If the person hasn’t set himself to ‘invisible mode,’ you can /who their IP and you can see everyone on IRC with the same IP. Look through them and see which one resembles the mark.


/who **

(Yes, you need the asterisks.)

And hope the IP they use isn’t a popular one.