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Welcome! This is an image archive with one single rule; pictures must be of famous, infamous, or otherwise well-known people, with a telephone. This archive is always growing, and there’s always room for improvement. This site was originally created by The Great Rob T. Firefly before he handed it over to phonelosers.org.


Mr. T

The one and only Mr. T
Whaddya want, fool?
From the Mr. T Resource Archive

Phyllis Thaxter

Guest-starring in the "Twilight Zone" episode "Young
Man’s Fancy."
From The Fifth Dimension

They Might Be Giants

Uber-geek-chic band (John Flansburgh and John Linnell) whose music
defies all description except "cool!"  From the music video for "The
Statue Got Me High…"
The Statue Got Me High The Statue Got Me High
…and from the video for "Ana Ng."
... ... ... ...
submitted by Eric Adcock

The Three Stooges

Curly has a calm chat while Moe and Larry tidy up…
Why *soitenly* I'll accept the charges!

See also Ted Healy

Uma Thurman

From the "Avengers" remake
grumble grumble movie remake ruining classic series grumble...

Jennifer Tilly

Strange and unusual (yet oddly compelling) actress
must... rent... Bound... again... must... rent... Ummmm... Jennifer Tilly.  And stuff.  Yep, pretty much. Bound.. Bound.. Bound.. Bound..
"Hello, Blockbuster?  How many copies of 'Bound' you got?"
You're Bound to like Jennifer.. Bound.. Baba Bound Bound..  Bound Bound..

Thelma Todd

Classic actress.  She appeared in over 115 films in one decade,
before her untimely and mysterious death.
Even her phone has impeccable style!
anonymous submission

With Harry Langdon, in Langdon’s first talkie.
anonymous submission

Lily Tomlin

As her lovable snooty-operator character
"Hellloooo..." "May I hellp yew?"

Daniel J. Travanti

As Captain Frank Furillo in "Hill Street Blues"
All I remember about this show was when I was little, the theme music always fooled me into thinking "The Greatest American Hero" was on, and would cause me to run into the living room and find out that it was just the boring cop show again.
submitted by Grey Frequency

Nancy Travis

Actress, and all-around cutie.
I liked So I Married an Axe Murderer.

Lupe Velez

Volatile and adorable Mexican actress.
cwp_lupevelez_th.jpg (2532 bytes)
From the Lupe Velez Website

cwp_lupevelez2_th.jpg (3048 bytes)
From Silent-Movies.com

Type O Negative
Type O Negative
from the “Slow, Deep and Hard” back album cover


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