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Welcome! This is an image archive with one single rule; pictures must be of famous, infamous, or otherwise well-known people, with a telephone. This archive is always growing, and there’s always room for improvement. This site was originally created by The Great Rob T. Firefly before he handed it over to phonelosers.org.


Tara MacLean

Singer, in her "If I Fall" music video.
Phone + graffiti = ghetto phone Ghetto phone + angst = this
submitted by Eric Adcock

Elle MacPherson

What the Elle..
submitted by Eric Adcock

Bill Maher

Politically Incorrect host
He's come a long way since "Avocado Jungle of Death"

Jayne Mansfield

Classic pinup / actress / pinup
There are two big reasons to watch a Jayne Mansfield movie...

Joe Mantell

Guest-starring in the "Twilight Zone" episode "Nervous
Man in a Four Dollar Room."
... ... ...
From The Fifth Dimension

Rose Marie

As Sally Rogers in "The Dick Van Dyke Show"
It's Mel Cooley  He says he's got a bottle of sleeping pills and a bottle of Jim Beam, and he wants you to stop the bald jokes or he's doing it..

The Marx Brothers

Harpo is about to commit an act of violence with Groucho’s hotel phone..
It's always the quiet ones...

The following Marx Brothers pics were all graciously
submitted by J. D.

Harpo multitasks Groucho would be lost without a telephone.. The actual Rufus T. Firefly with Margaret Dumont Hooray for Captain Spaulding!

The following seven are from one of my favorite Groucho scenes of
all time.  From "A Day at the Races," it’s Dr. Hackenbush (Groucho) placing
a phone call to Mr. Whitmore (Leonard Ceeley) and pretending to be the Florida Medical
Board.  I’ll put the text to the scene up somewhere when I get the chance.
Here's your Florida call, Mr. Whitmore. I need to know about Hackenbush! Florida Medical board, good mornin'! Colonel Hawkins talkin'. He's not here. Well, what are you bothering me for? Yankee!

Movie posters and lobby cards
Cocoanuts My favorite Marx Bros film! Fun fact: Chico's accent was FAKE.
submitted by Bruce Muni

Laurence Mason

As Lord Nikon in "Hackers."
Played Lord Nikon, aka "The black one." In this movie, "The black one" had about as much to do as "The black one" n Ghostbusters did.
He uses a TOKEN to ride the subway. h4cK d4 pL4n3t!@#$%^

Bill Maul

As Norm the hapless-but-lovable security guard in "Hackers."
With two minutes of screen time, he's still one of my favorite characters in this flick.
"Daaaah, Norm, uh, Norman speaking..." "Modem number?" "Sure, in 'Hackers'-world, all modems have the number written on them."

Paul McCartney

The ‘cute Beatle’ in "Help!"
Those wacky Beatles, always deeply into the grass..
From Beatle Beat

Maureen McCormick

As Marcia Brady, in "A Very Brady Christmas" and the original
"Brady Bunch."
It's Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!!! Classic, classic, classic!!!
submitted by Maureenmccormick.org

Aaron McGruder

The man behind the country’s smartest comic strip, "The Boondocks," poses with
the webmaster (left) and the webmaster’s sidekick Grey‘s
mobile phone (center) at the recent H2K2 hacker
convention.  Mr. McGruder has the dubious honor of being the first celebrity to pose
specifically for this archive!
If you look closely, you can see the little digital fishy on the phone's screen!

John McIntire

As Sheriff Al Chambers in "Psycho."
From Hitchcock, La Légende du Suspense

Reba McIntire

Taking calls in the "America:
A Tribute To Heroes
" telethon.  Left to right:  Tom Cruise, Sylvester
Stallone, Reba McEntire, and Penelope Cruz.
From BBC News

Stallone, Benicio Del Toro, and McEntire
From Benecio Del Toro Zone

Jason Mewes

A polaroid of Jason "Jay" Mewes using the phone in Kevin
"Silent Bob" Smith’s old apartment!  Too cool.
submitted by Karen

Ray Milland

As Tony in "Dial M For Murder"
... ...
From Hitchcock, La Légende du Suspense

From Baltimore City Paper

Jonny Lee Miller

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... h4cK d4 pL4n3t!@#$%^

Robert Mitchum

With Deborah Kerr in "The Grass is Greener"
From The Ultimate Cary Grant Pages

Mary Anne Mobley

She was cast as the original TV Batgirl, but was replaced by Yvonne Craig at the last minute.
submitted by Grey Frequency

Marilyn Monroe

With co-stars Donald O’Connor and Mitzi Gaynor in the film "There’s
no business like Show Business"
Happy Birthday Mr. Pwesident

Carrie Anne Moss

Polyvinyl queen Trinity in "The Matrix."
One for the "outfits that look ultimately cool but undoubtedly cause rashes" file.
submitted by Mr. Phractal

Billy Mumy

Guest-starring in the "Twilight Zone" episode "Long
Distance Call."
I can make you all go away.. any time I want to! ... ...
From The Fifth Dimension

Alan Napier

As Alfred the Butler in the classic "Batman" series.
"Efram Zimbalist who?"
submitted by Thomas Splinter

Sam Neill

Irish-born actor from New Zealand
His real name is Nigel.  Good change or bad?  Discuss.
submitted by Grey Frequency

Bob Newhart

microphone + telephone = horrible feedback for someone somewhere along the line
From the WakeMed Foundation

On a record sleeve
A record sleeve from the button-down getleman.  A button-down sleeve!
From Muse Image

From the Bob Newhart Web Site

Richard Milhous Nixon

47th President of the United States.  Resigned in disgrace.
His phone was quoted as saying "I am not off-hook!"  HAHAHA...ahem. ... ...
From  The US National Archives

Mabel Normand

Silent-era comedienne calls the Keystone Kops in "The Bangville
From Silent Ladies

Simon Oakland

As Police Captain Bennett in the classic chase flick
From Movie Galleries

Gary Oldman

As terrorist Egor Korshunov in "Air Force One."
Gary is one of those actors that if he shows up in a movie, you just *know* that guy is the bad guy.
Sid Vicious is pissed at Indy.
submitted by Johnny Monoxide

Larisa Oleynik

Her show had decent CGI effects for its time, and she wore a lot of stupid hats.  That's all I remember about it..
submitted by Johnny Monoxide

Ed O’Neill

Star of "Married… With Children."
submitted by RBCP


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